Merry Christmas…….

As you gather with your families and celebrate this holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the riches you  have.  Riches come in many forms and shapes, so take a moment while unwrapping your presents to observe all the other wonderful things you have in your life.

This Christmas I will be making breakfast for The Partner, giving Scruffy his morning walk and making calls to various family members across the country.  Each one of these actions reminds me of the true gifts I have in my life: a loving partner who supports me unconditionally, a pet that has shown me that compassion for all living things will reap a reward, and family that, at times trying, are always there and ready to lend a hand.  These are the gifts I am grateful for on Christmas day.

So to each of you I wish you joy & peace, love & happiness and contentment & serenity on this most glorious of days……….

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