Sometimes the Best Presents Are the Ones You Buy For Yourself…..

I know….I know.  Buying your own presents sorta takes the magic out of gift giving.  But in my defense, I buy awesome presents and always buy myself exactly what I want.  It’s like I am inside my head and always know what will make me smile — I like to think I am psychic …….

<Zoolander Blue Steel Gaze>

But all joking aside, I feel the occasional treat around the holidays is a great way to fuel yourself during what can often be a trying and chaotic time.  Hence why when I saw this blanket on sale on a few weeks ago, I was smitten.

The blanket hit all the criteria I was looking for: (1) it was a cashmere/wool blend, (2) it was large enough to nice drape over my lap and leave some room for Partner or Scruffy snuggling, (3) the grey and white Greek key pattern was perfect for the living room and (4) it was steeply discounted and I had a credit that I  needed to spend.

Fortunately, it looks great in the living room, almost like it was meant to be…….

I like to think it was fate and Santa wanted me to have this blanket.  That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

So have you “gifted” yourself any little treats this year?  If so, what did Santa bring?

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes the Best Presents Are the Ones You Buy For Yourself…..

  1. Your living room looks great with your animal heads and your tree and your new blanket!
    Unfortunately for me,my treats to myself tend to sway towards the edible kind…homemade caramel covered marshmallows, salted caramel shortbread, toffee. Man, I need to buy myself something next time! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas! Will be watching you on Nate!!

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