On Nate Berkus This Friday……

We are in the home stretch for alot of things this week…..

1) Christmas is officially less than a week away

2) I have my last AutoCAD class — I actually am going to miss my classmates and instructor


3) My second segment for The Nate Berkus Show airs this Friday (12/23).  The segment focuses on my Christmas tablescape, which I will finally be able to share with you in detail!   To find out when the segment will air in your area, check here. And again thank you to everyone who tweeted, left Facebook messages and “Liked” the first segment.  It was because of your support that I was asked back.  I am forever grateful and I am blessed to have found such a wonderful and supportive community of fantastic people online.

So are you prepared for the final push?  Gifts bought?  Stockings stuffed?  Dinner planned?  I have to find a toy or two for Scruffy and make one more batch of caramel for my class peeps.  Then I can kick back and officially relax.   While I am soldiering through, this is what I have on repeat on my iPod – it’s beautifully haunting…..

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