My Christmas Tree…….

I mentioned yesterday, I finally got the tree up and I  have to admit that between taking on a new client, school work, holiday shopping and battling a cold the tree almost didn’t get decorated.  Fortunately, I found a small window late one evening and just plowed through it thanks to Theraflu and Pandora radio streaming Christmas music at full blast.

I opted to not do a real Christmas tree this year.  The thought of a live tree seemed too overwhelming, so I opted to use the  white plastic tree I picked up at Wal-Mart last year for $20.  Last season I become obsessed with having a white tree and rushed out and found this one on clearance.  It’s 6’5″ tall and the perfect size for our living room which was not the case when we bought a live tree 2 years ago – that sucker was HUGE.  Because it was the wrong size getting it out of the house once the season was over was a nightmare.  Once it was unfurled, it couldn’t fit down the staircase, so we had to hoist it over the loft into the kitchen and spray the entire first floor in a rain shower of pine needles (not fun).

Fortunately, the artificial white tree proved to be quick and easy to assemble and provided the perfect back drop to the bronze, brown and gold color scheme I envisioned.  However, I did sneak in a few colorful accents to spice things up……

I could not find a tree topper in gold that was not an angel or an extremely clichéd looking star.  So I opted to create my topper out of a stuffed owl and two gold candle wreaths.  I simply wired the two wreaths together and with some fishing line added the owl. It took about 10 minutes total to do and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

Don’t these ornaments remind you of something Jonathan Adler would do for his stores?  Surprisingly, they are some off-market brand that I was able to pick up at Marshalls for about $1.50 per ornament.  I am totally scouting out my local Marshalls to see if they go back on clearance this year so I can scoop up some more.

Told you that  I snuck in a few hints of color like these fantastic peacock ornaments that I found on clearance at Marshalls last year.

I even bribed a certain adorable dog to get in on the Christmas action.  It’s amazing what Scruffy will do for a well-placed (and well-timed) doggie treat.

I think I may be a full convert to artificial trees after this year with one caveat.  I think fake trees should look, well fake,  hence why I love the white tree.  There is no way in hell unless you are Helen Keller that you would think my white plastic tree is real.  So where do you stand on white trees artificial trees?  Yay or nay?

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6 thoughts on “My Christmas Tree…….

  1. Artificial trees all the way! I used to be a live tree person until I woke up one morning and my tree was covered with some kind of freak web and gazillions of tiny little spiders. I threw the tree out, ornaments, lights – the whole shebang. Love your blog and look forward to it in my inbox every morning. I hope you feel better!

  2. Love it! Oh boy I feel ya on this. Ok, so, I also used to be a real tree, ONE tree person – whatever, so over that. The ONLY thing I miss is a pine smell – and well, Yankee candle makes about 5 decent pine-y smelling tarts to jars, so I am so over that!

    Now, I have a green fake tree – I purchased it about 8 years ago when I couldn’t find a real one in my area under 50$ that didn’t resemble a nod to Charlie Brown. It’s a green, not pre-lit special ala Martha Stewart’s former KMart collection. I do it up in all silver and gold bling (last year was the ever retro icicles, but it totally worked) but this year I user ribbons to wrap it. Since then I’ve had a second daughter – last year I bought the 3.5 ft WalMart prelit special for my oldest, adorning that with hot pinks, hot purples, greens, reds, oranges all in bling-y sparkle. This year, my youngest got a PINK yeah, BRIGHT PINK prelit WalMart 3.5 ft special for her room. And ya know what? It’s awesome. I am currently in the post XMas market for LUCITE or at least clear plastic ornaments for that one.

    And the best for last. I bought styrafoam cones and Swarovski crystal elements in silver and green at Michaels. I used a hot glue gun, bought me some clear/white rock candy and and made me a rock cande XMas tree. I also have a table topper disco ball tree and two completely clear beaded trees. But trust me, they all totally work in my new space.

    So, the short story is, your tree is beautiful, love the white, love the owl – if you have a Target nearby, they have some great glass clear/ brown feathered bird ornaments 50% today – and since they haven’t stolen the show, there were plenty left at my store.

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