Of Christmas Past…..

I finally got the tree up and I am okay with it.  Of course the designer in me, wants to go out and shop for about 50 more ornaments, sew the perfect tree skirt and find coordinating stockings to hang.  Fortunately, the cold I am currently battling with a hacking cough quickly slaps those ideas out of my head and reminds me that I need to be thankful for what I have and appreciate the tree’s imperfection.

Speaking of being thankful and imperfect, I came across one of the first gifts I gave to The Partner over a decade ago when we started dating.  I had just graduated from my Master’s program and was working as a low-level researcher at a consulting firm in DC.  He was in med school and living in Baltimore.  Neither one of us had excess cash but I desperately wanted to give him a holiday present, so I made it.  What I eventually gave him was a small acrylic painted caricature that highlighted his adorable nerdy qualities.  What I found was one of the mock-ups of the idea I did…….

At best I can say that the piece was produced by a very talented 11-year old girl.  But when I showed The Partner the piece he asked me to frame it for him as an early Christmas present, which I happily did.

It now toggles between a place of prominence in the music room where The Partner practices piano and his desk in the office loft.  Seeing how much he likes the piece reminds me that during the holiday season, I need to worry less about perfection.  Nothing will ever be right or pristine and it doesn’t have to be.  I just has to be thoughtful and I have to be present enough to enjoy it in all its imperfect splendor.

Do you have any presents that you cherish from past Christmas?  What are they and why?

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5 thoughts on “Of Christmas Past…..

  1. That little drawing is so sweet! I painted a beach scene once when hubs and I were at the children’s museum with kids…he liked it so much he kept and had professionally framed?!? I thought that was pretty sweet.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, sweets!

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