Critter Invasion….Of The Cute Kind….

I really need to stop swinging by Anthropologie when I run my errands.  Seriously, I can’t leave that place with picking up some piece of decor or housewares.  It’s a sickness and this weekend I got “infected” with a bad case of Acute Ceramicitis Nervousa.  The main characteristics of this affliction is the inability to say no to cute ceramic figurines, ergo why I can home with these two critters…..

Aren’t they adorable?  Even better is that each of the ceramic figurines houses a lightly scented candle reminiscent of cinnamon.  I love the fact that once the candle is spent, you are still left with these cute figurines.  They are currently adorning the bookcase in the music room but will probably take center stage in the living room once the tree is up.  Best of all, they are on sale for $19.99 but with an additional 30% off so they are less than $15 putting them into the realm of awesome stocking stuffer, host(ess) gift or teacher present.

So speaking of trees, is anyone else having a hard time getting into the holiday swing?  I FINALLY got my tree out of storage and dug out the ornaments yesterday.  Less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I have yet to start gift shopping, decorating or menu planning.  I don’t know but I am slacking in a major way.  Any suggestions (aside from booze) on how to kick up the Christmas spirit a notch?

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4 thoughts on “Critter Invasion….Of The Cute Kind….

  1. I Like your rabbit! ( me and raccoon’s , we do not like each other at all since they killed two of my cats…another story) I would tend to paint over the gold …..I buy critters wherever I can find them and paint them solid white. Love that look. I can’t wait to see your tree up Courtney!

  2. I know, I just went into Anthro intending to just browse, and took home 2 bags of stuff for me :-(. Bad Christmas shopper. It was all on sale though. Your little critters are adorable!
    Here’s my tip: “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” -Buddy the Elf
    …Of course a little spiked eggnog while doing so never hurt. Seriously though, crank up some Bette Midler “Cool Yule” and then Jane Krakowski’s Santa Baby and get moving. Those songs always get me moving!

  3. I planned a trip for right before Christmas which had forced me to stay really on top of things this year. I may have to do that again next year.

    The ceramicals are too cute!

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