Christmas Table Sneak Peek

I had a really good weekend.  A dear friend came to spend the weekend from out of town……well actually he lives across the bridge in San Francisco but for those you who live in the Bay Area, trying to get your friends to cross the Bay is a monumental task most days.  Fortunately, the lure of visiting the St. George Distillery, Korean fried chicken, baked goods and good company (moi) was enough to entice him over for a spell.

Since my weekend was great, I figured I would be generous and share a sneak peek of my  Christmas tablescape that will be on the Nate Berkus Show this month.  I tasked myself with using traditional Christmas colors and foliage but in a fun and unexpected way.  Here are two shots to give you a “taste”…..

Can you guess what my color scheme was?

So while I should I have spent this weekend making Christmas gifts, I partied like a rock star which means this week I am going to be playing catch-up.  So while I am elbow deep in caramel, entertain me and tell me what you did this weekend……

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Table Sneak Peek

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