ABC Carpet & Home Revisited…..

Thought it would be nice to end the week with a few more shots of my time at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC.  My time at the store provided me with new pieces to recommend to clients, inspiration and even a DIY idea or two…..

I loved these accent chairs!  Made from bungee cords, they would be perfect in the corner of a living room or dining room for adding that unexpected jolt of color!

I fell in love with this wooden pendant and especially the beautiful pattern it projected onto the walls when lit.

I am absolutely crazy for inlaid furniture pieces at the moment and the above pieces were stunning in person.  I especially was smitten with the grey inlaid dresser – it had my at “hello”…..

I loved the idea of using packing crates as display shelving.  Cheap, simple and highly impactful.

Okay I love a big bag but really?  This sucker was basically a leather body bag!

This patchwork couch was covered in vintage rugs.  It just reaffirmed that my decision to cover this cane chair in a colorful rug from Uzbekistan.

I loved this series of lamps with branches suspended in clear resin.  Set against a colored background, the lamps are truly jewelry for a room.

While not mind-blowing, I loved the idea of using two lamps to flank a couch and provide task lighting.

The art on the wall?  It’s a framed strait jacket  in a shadow box.  I felt it perfected encapsulated my chaotic time in NYC this week!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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4 thoughts on “ABC Carpet & Home Revisited…..

  1. That grey inlaid dresser is killer. Killer. Worth decorating a whole room around it~ but I would probably put it in an entry way just so everyone could see the dang thing!!! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Thanks for the info. on the fabulous resin lamp! I just took some photos at HD Buttercup and could not remember the material Timothy Oulton used for his side tables (with branches buried inside the resin!). Wink!

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