A Hostess Gift I Would Want To Receive…..

Okay so here is the deal…..if you come to a party I throw, I don’t expect you to bring me anything.  Seriously.  I don’t throw holiday parties to get stuff.  However, if you do decide to bring a little something, put some effort into it.  I have gotten some horrible host gifts in the past including….

1) Dish Towels – these could be a cool gift but when the “2 for $1” tag is still on them, it sorta negates the good will.

2) Half a Cake – Yes people, someone brought half a cake as a hostess gift.  Did I mention it was their birthday cake since I could see the holes where the candles had once been?

3) Cash – A $20 in an envelope.  No card or note…just cash in an envelope.  Nothing makes your host feel better than being treated like a prostitute, albeit one that cooks for you.

So to save my future guests embarrassment, here is what you can bring me……

These teaspoons from LEIF are awesome.  Made from acrylic, this set of six comes in a beautiful array of green hues and retail for a pocketbook friendly $36.  These spoons are cooler than a bottle of wine, more awesome than a split of champagne and way better than half a freakin’ cake (seriously – HALF a cake…and it was not even a Carvel ice cream cake!).

Okay, I understand if you feel weird giving your host a bag of spoons.  So if you wanna round out the gift, then I suggest adding this to the mix…..

I love the teas from Tea Forte.  Not only are they tasty, but I am crazy for the triangular packaging of each tea bag.  Tasty and pretty…..it’s a win-win.

So to recap…..

Cool Spoons + Yummy Tea = Awesome Host(ess) Gift

Half a Cake = You get to was dishes after the party

Okay, remember that exciting tidbit of news I had from yesterday?  Well, it’s that I am going to be back on the Nate Berkus Show this month!  I will be doing a brief segment on non-traditional holiday decorating.  As soon as I get an official date, I will let you all know but until then, won’t you do the “Happy Dance” with me?

Okay, so what do you like to give as a host/hostess gift?  And if it’s ice cream cake, then you move to the top of my invite list…..

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5 thoughts on “A Hostess Gift I Would Want To Receive…..

  1. Seriously, a half a cake? Common sense is not so common.
    I find that today’s guests don’t know how to bring a hostess gift anymore, sigh. Does that reflect on my age, when I grew up in the era where that was the thing to do?
    Exciting about the Nate show!!

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