Next Time When I Have An Extra $5000 Lying Around……

While visiting New York, I was lucky enough to visit ABC Carpet and Home.  Their collection of vintage overdyed rugs is mind-boggling and drool-worthy.  The entire 6th floor of the second building is dedicated to vintage and hand-crafted rugs – truly beautiful works of art with price tags to match….. in the $5-$6K range for an 8×10 size.

However, they are simply stunning in person and my pictures don’t quite do them justice…..

Of all the rugs I saw, I loved deep saturated hues of the purple rug most.  In person, the rug has always an iridescent quality turning from mauve to plum to a deep pink depending on the angle which you looked.  It would definitely be the “show stopper” piece in a room.  Fortunately, I was scouting for a design client and I think he will actually quite like this rug, so there is a good possibility that I say see it again in the near future.

Even though I may be able to live vicariously through my client, I still would love to have one of these beauties to call my own.  Thank goodness industrious blogger, Priscilla over at A Kind of Love has a tutorial on how to make your own DIY overdyed rug.

True that the DIY version is messy, laborious and riddled with potential mishap, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?    So why not give it a shot?

More pics of my trip to ABC Carpet and Home tomorrow as well as an exciting announcement…well at least I am excited to share it and I hope y’all are excited to hear it!

Speaking of excitement….any floor coverings got your heart going on pitter patter and you are hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?

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2 thoughts on “Next Time When I Have An Extra $5000 Lying Around……

  1. ha. if I had a dollar for every time I said “next time when I have….” … I could buy you and I matching area rugs! right now I’m fascinated with inlayed wood floors, stripes, large scale patterns … something I don’t even have to cover with a rug – the beauty just lies within.

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