New York Quick Shots

Wrapping up things here in NYC and then back home to play catch-up with my normal life.  However, as usual NYC was a big bowl of the crazy, the chaotic, beautiful and inspiring.  While there are so many inspiring things to see and do in the city, what inspires me most is the city itself……

The other thing that inspires me are the amazing people I get to visit while in the city.  Thank you Eddie & Jaithan for carving time out of your busy schedules to listen to me complain.  Thank you Katie for being my friend and confidant since the 7th grade. Thank you to Courtney of Big Beige Box for playing tour guide and introducing me to the wonders of ABC Carpet & Home as well as Eataly.  Thank you Maribel for being a fantastic sounding board and knowing all the gay bars in Chelsea. And thank you to my little brother, Steven, for making his older (albeit equally stylish) brother feel welcome within his circle of friends.

Even though the premise I went to NYC was bittersweet, I leave a little happier than I came.  Check back for more pictures of my visit to house decor giant ABC Home!

What did you all do this weekend?

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4 thoughts on “New York Quick Shots

  1. It was SO nice to get together. Thank YOU for carving out some time to kick back and get to know each other. I left our dinner so excited and inspired for my next design endeavors! (as well as our potential HGTV show, ha!)

    Until next time….xoxo

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