My Airplane Outfit….

I am hopping a plane to join The Partner and his family in LA for the holiday.  I love traveling but I hate airports, maybe because they always bring me bad luck I feel. In particular  did I ever tell you the story about how I was strip searched in Germany thanks to my underwear?  Long story short, I bought new underwear made from a fancy “ionized” cotton designed to keep your “boys” more comfortable for the long haul.  Well said underwear evidently set off a myriad of alarms at the Frankfurt airport and earned me a strip search by a woman who I swear was Eva Braun with a moustache.

After that fiasco, I vowed never to “dress” for the airport again.  Nowadays whenever I travel, I stick with some variation of this standard airplane outfit:

H-Street Pumas…

I own these sneakers in about 4 colors.  They are a breeze to slip on and off and  have no metal or hard plastic parts, so they are perfect to wear through the security & x-ray lines.

Cashmere Hoodie….

I have a grey version and a black version of the above cashmere hoodie.  It’s perfect for chilly planes and airports but can easily be thrown in the overhead if it becomes too hot.

Long sleeved striped tee…..

I love the Saint James Nautical tees which you can find on their website or at JCrew.  However, they are a  bit pricey at $65 but they elevate the outfit from being completely devoid of style.  Second, if I am in a rush, I can throw a blazer over this tee and be at a meeting or party with no one being the wiser.

Levis Super Skinny (510) Jeans…

The slight bit of stretch in these jeans make them alot more comfortable than many of my other (and more baggy) pants.  Again, I can dress these up with a swap of my H Streets for a pair a dress shoes and be on my way.  And don’t let the name fool you, they are not as tight as you think….again I am all about my “boys” having breathing room.  I would not lead you down the wrong path.

Jersey Scarf

I prefer jersey scarves when I travel because I can wash them when I get to my destination or back home fairly easily.  Second, they are a little lighter than cashmere scarves so I can layer them on top of my hoodie and tee without overheating.  Last, they are perfect since you can throw them into your carry and not take  up too much room.  Speaking of carry-ons…..

Jack Spade Dipped Coal Bag/Tote

I love this bag.  I loved it so much that I wore the first one into the ground and bought this one to replace it.  The bag can be carried as a tote or worn messenger style thus freeing up your hands.  The bottom of this bag is dipped in colored rubber latex which forms a waterproof and cleanable barrier!  It fits perfectly under the seat and can hold: a laptop, 1 sweater, 1 water bottle, iPhone, 2 chargers, 1 tube of lip balm, 2 packs of gum, 2 design magazines and 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (in no particular order).

Now that you know what I will be wearing tomorrow, if you see some guy in this outfit wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses sipping a large coffee – it’s probably not me but give the dude props for having mad traveling style.  I will be the guy sighing impatiently in the security line worrying if his underwear is going to set off some airport wide shut down.

Are you traveling tomorrow? What is your go to travel outfit?  What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Have a safe holiday and enjoy your time off!

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11 thoughts on “My Airplane Outfit….

  1. Whew…now I can have a restful Turkey Day knowing that your boys are breathing easy!! he-he. {and what on earth could be in that fabric that would make a METAL detector activate?? maybe it was a blessing that you found out!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Walter, and Scruffy!

    • Shannon – if you had “boys” you would understand their comfort is of the utmost importance. And who knows what was on those underwear but from their reaction when they sweeped the wand past my boy parts and it went off, you would have thought they found dead puppies stuffed with heroin. It was pretty awful…..I will tell you what happened to the underwear off line b/c that is the BEST part of the story….

  2. Love this post! I completely understand the idea behind not dressing for the airport. Once, my daughter and I were on the way to Florida for a much needed week of va-ca. We made it through security, were at the gate ready to board, when the gate agent looked at me and asked, “Have you been punched yet?”

    I was like, “Oh, I get to go through security and get punched?”

    I really thought I was quite clever, but she didn’t even crack a smile. She informed me that I had some super-secret special mark on my boarding pass that indicated that I had won the random deep search. Gulp.

    They sent me running back to security for the deep search but I had adorned myself with all of my contraband items, including an adorable metal belt, big metal earrings, and shoes. Let’s just say that my travel gear has changed appreciably since that time. No belts, no metal, no watch, not even an underwire bra.

    • Adrienne – oh lord I forgot about you ladies and your underwire bras. Yeah after I had my bits and pieces manhandled (and not in the fun way) but the Eva Braun look-a-like, I realized looking cute on the plane was no longer an option.

  3. I love your choices! I often think I should just show up at the airport naked so as to avoid any possible questions and or delays. But alas, the world is not ready not THAT just yet.
    Just be thankful you’re not routing thru Atlanta…home of the 3-4 hour delay
    .I feel the need to tell you that you may see my comments on your FB page and here more often, but no worries, I am not a stalker ( whhhaaat?) . Just a new fan who enjoys what you write and what you post! Have a safe flight and a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • I enjoy stalkers! They make the evenings more interesting 🙂 But honestly, thanks for reading! I have heard about Atlanta’s airport — thankfully I normally route through Detroit. Have a GREAT holiday!

  4. As someone who travels weekly for work, this is the smartest post I’ve seen in ages about dressing for the plane. It is possible to be comfortable, stylish, and efficient! And I may just have to pick up that bag for myself, I’m always on the hunt for a sturdy tote for my work essentials. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    • Meg – the bag has changed my life! Seriously, it is awesome! I had a client try to buy it off me once even though I told him where to buy it. When we completed the project, I bought him a copy of mine as a thank you.

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