Loving Out Loud: Iittala Taika Dinnerware

This weekend I played host to The Partner’s family from the East Coast.  In our normally comfortable 1500 sq. foot home, we crammed 6 additional people.  Every bed and flat surface suitable for sleeping was taken.  We literally had “no room at the Inn” to the point where The Partner and I  actually slept at our neighbor’s house (Thanks M & R) since they were already out of town for the holiday break.

Being “kicked” out of your own room and being forced to use your home as if you were a guest is an interesting experience that I found quite educational.  I learned the following about myself and my home:

1) My home is not child-friendly, child-proof, kid-tested or Mother approved.  It’s kick ass for adults and has withstood countless drunken parties, however the wrath of a 2-year-old brought it to its knees.  Give me a drunken 32 yr old rather than a 2 yr old with constipation any day.

2) Children should be required to wear white gloves at all times as  I am positive it will cut down on the numerous hand prints I found on our white walls, glass tables and windows.

3) Our pull out couch in the music room  had a previous life as a medieval torture device.  I think I saw the numbers “666” burned into its underside because it’s HELL to sleep on.  To everyone who has slept on that bed, I am sorry and please forgive me.  I am going out today to buy the best mattress pad that The Partner’s good credit can buy.

4) Never let your guests cook in your kitchen without your supervision.  It could end with someone using your vintage bone china to heat up pasta in the microwave resulting in hairline cracks.  Nope, I am not bitter.

5) My television even for me is slightly confusing, but to an 70+ yr old man looking for an Asian language channel, he might as well have been trying to fly the space shuttle.  I found him looking at “Swamp People” on mute because he couldn’t figure out how to change the channel or get sound back.

Fortunately, all is right in the house now thanks to a solid afternoon of laundry, organizing and a glass of red wine (actually it was half a bottle but in my defense, my glass is HUGE).  The family is off gambling in Vegas for venturing down to Los Angeles where I will join them for Thanksgiving.  As I mentally prepare my myself for the chaos that will undoubtedly transpire this week, I calm myself thinking about the Iittala Taika Dinnerware.

Why does dinnerware calm me?  Hell if I know but all this weekend, whenever I was gonna blow my lid I would look at these Finnish beauties and all was right in the world…..

I have this idea of doing a global inspired Christmas tablescape and these plates would be perfect for it.   So as I ponder my Christmas dinner table and decide exactly how to handle the massive amounts of leftovers from this weekend, tell me how your weekend went.  Even better, if you have any tips or tricks on how to handle a house full of guests, shoot me a tweet or leave a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Iittala Taika Dinnerware

  1. You are hilarious! Somehow whenever we have company something gets broken, yet when we visit others, nothing gets broken…hmmmm….maybe my guests have some passive agressive thing goin’ on…enjoy your Thanksgiving in someone else’s space!

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