Current Obsession: Watercolor Paintings….

Ever had a shopping moment that you found exactly what you wanted for the exact price you wanted to pay?

Well my friends, I had an out-of-body experience two weekends ago when I was able to score, not one but TWO original vintage watercolor paintings…….

I am currently obsessed with watercolor paintings…their softness, fluidity and ethereal quality.  I find that watercolors smooth out the sharp “corners” and bring a certain level of warmth to modern rooms.  However, these paintings have special meaning since they both are watercolors of my current home San Francisco.

So why am I so giddy about these two paintings, aside from the fact that I love them?  Well because I was able to score both of them for $2 from one of the vintage shops I like to frequent.

Yup.  Two Dollars.  Honest to goodness.  Cross my heart.

For that price, I think I can swing new mats and frames for them.  Now I just need to decide where exactly these new beauties will go in the house.

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