3rd Ward Open Call….Need Your Help

A few months ago I profiled a friend of mine, Try Serino, a talented artist based out of San Jose, CA.  She is currently in a competition sponsored by 3rd Ward. 3rd Ward is a member-based art and design center for creative professionals in New York City. Committed to providing resources, opportunities and a dynamic-creative network, the group has studio space that houses four photo studios, a professional wood & metal shop, a fully loaded digital media lab as well as shared & private work space.  In addition, the collective provides large selection of interdisciplinary art classes for artists to take to develop new skills.  Essentially, this place is the Disneyland for artists and they are providing a fantastic opportunity to emerging artists.

Try is entered into their “Open Call” contest where they provide one lucky artist a New York residency, a solo SoHo show and $5000 in cash.  It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity and this is where I need your help.   Try has entered a portion of her portfolio into the contest but needs your support to win this fantastic prize….

If you can click on the above snapshot of her portfolio and click on the “Vote For Me” button in the upper right corner, you put Try one step closer to fulfilling her dream of being a full-time artist.

All I am asking for is one minute of your time to change the path of someone’s life.  I think that’s a fair trade…don’t you?

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5 thoughts on “3rd Ward Open Call….Need Your Help

  1. This really is an amazing opportunity for Try, and she is so talented! Good luck, girl!
    P.S. – It might just be my complete lack of computer skills, but I can’t get to the voting from the picture, help!

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