In Case You Missed It….

Yup – I am gonna milk this Nate Berkus segment one more time. 

In case you missed the original airing, click below to view the web video of our House Proud segment:

A quick thank you to the production team I worked with (Jon & Katya as well as the rest of the crew).  You all put me at ease and were so kind to me during the whole process.  I would have been more of a nervous wreck without your emails and phone calls!

And a big thank you to all you who come read my design musings regularly.  I appreciate your support, encouragement and occasional kicks in the arse.  You all keep my focused and grounded – and for that I am grateful.

Okay, enough with all the mushy stuff.  Now back to being snarky and wondering on exactly why the Real Housewives of New Jersey is a popular show.  Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night……

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14 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It….

  1. I’m a horrible friend…I’m just now watching this!!! And I loved it!!! you two (or three, rather) are so cute…and now I have a better image in my head when we’re virtual chatting.

    The partner is a cutie, I never knew your music room had faux molding, and I loved that shot of you with the hair boof!!!! Loved it, C! xoxoxoxo

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  3. My dvr jacked up my recording so I’m really glad you milked it and added this segment here! You are adorbs!!!! Seriously- both of you – so cute! Your home is gorg – you know this 😉

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  5. I love it! This segment is awesome. And I am so VIP because I actually got the live private tour of this celebrity home. Bravo!

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