Oversized Lumbar Pillows

I recently discovered the joys of 30 Rock and have been watching it on Netflix.  A few seasons ago t here was an episode where James Franco falls in love with a Japanese body pillow and needs Jane Krakowski’s character to pretend she is his girlfriend to avoid media scrutiny.  I admit it doesn’t sound very funny but it was hilarious.  Even funnier is how this episode made me think about a recent trend I have been seeing of oversized lumbar pillows taking the place of back cushions on sofas.

I love the idea and would totally leap at the chance to do it with my couch if the cushions on mine were not attached.  Undeterred, I am pretty sure I will be working an oversized lumbar pillow into the design for the master bedroom.  Until then, check out a few examples I rounded up for inspiration…..

Speaking of big things, today I am over at Centsational Girl discussing the rules that I follow to decorate great rooms using overscaled home goods. 

So tell me, do you have any “big” things on your list of home wants?

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1 thought on “Oversized Lumbar Pillows

  1. I love the giant lumbar pillows (just not the price). My couch and loveseat are cheapies that have way too many back pillows. Perhaps I’ll stitch up a giant lumbar pillow to take their place.

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