Vignette Week: Autumn Has Fallen…..

While I have lived in California longer than I have lived anywhere in my life, I still consider myself a Midwest boy.  Today’s vignette exemplifies the dichotomy that this Midwesterner feels living in California……

This vignette reminds me of Autumn (or Fall for most of my Midwest peeps).  The colors are bold and when grouped together remind me of how the trees looked on the back roads leading to my Mom’s home in Greenville, OH.  The tree tops painted the sky with oranges, purples and rusts — and I thought they were the most beautiful things ever.  So when I saw the flowers at the Flower Mart, I was instantly drawn to them.  I placed them in simple earthen vases (Shane Powers collection from West Elm) and they embody what I think is the struggle I have fought my whole life – how do I display the beauty of my talents and not be intimidated by my humble surroundings.  Just like the flowers shine beyond their vases, I am slowly seeing that with patience and hard work my efforts are beginning to blossom and be  noticed.

How have you seen yourself grow and blossom?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Wanna see more pictures from this vignette?  Check out my Facebook page and Twitter feed.


6 thoughts on “Vignette Week: Autumn Has Fallen…..

  1. Food for thought, why not start a blogger vignette series. You know ask bloggers to send you one picture of a vignette that they put together possibly with an object they incorporated that is dear to them. Something pretty and styled like this.

    P.s. if you decide to do this I demand payment in the form of, more Scruffy pictures. That is all.

  2. ahhh, that is nice. Humble surroundings, I think not. I grew up in Indiana and what I have always missed are the trees, the diciduous trees, especially in spring when all those gorgeous tall trees go green again.Cat

  3. Beautiful fall vignette…no matter where you live. I too live in California, but am from the East coast. I adore your perspective as stated in your profile. Anyone can spend gobs of money, it takes true talent to transform bargains and thrift store finds into something beautiful!

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