Vignette Week: Crystal Rabbit

In my second post for Vignette Week, I wanted to focus on a vignette I created for my living room coffee table….

My Partner received the small crystal rabbit from his grandparents 12 years ago during the Year of the Rabbit.  His Chinese zodiac sign is also rabbit so it was considered to be a doubly lucky year for him.  Coincidentally it was also the year we met…..while I can’t say for certain that the aligning of the zodiac brought us together, I like to think that his crystal rabbit as my good luck charm. Therefore, I try to make sure that it always has a special place within our home. Superstitious?  Maybe.  Call it what you may — lucky charm, patron saint or symbolic token — that little rabbit means the world to me as does the owner.

Do you have a special memento that reminds you of a loved one?  Leave a comment and tell me what it is…I promise I won’t tell a soul!

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2 thoughts on “Vignette Week: Crystal Rabbit

  1. when my hubby and I were dating he started calling me Puddin pop, stupid nickname he came up with. It started as a joke and then everyone on the flight line (his co-workers) started calling me that. For Valentines day he bought me a stuffed dog, later discovered its name was puddin. He resides in my sock drawer. Oh and my gamer tag on Xbox is also Puddin pop. Weird how stuff happens huh.

    Just keep Scruffy clear from Mr. Rabbit!

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