Vignette Week…….

Over the weekend as I put the finishing touches on my Halloween tablescape, I was struck by how many small nooks and vignettes I had created in my home.  It comes as no surprise that I love creating them (especially since I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to them) but what did strike me was how personal each vignette was to me.  They each hold a story whether be about how I acquired the pieces or why they are grouped together.

So over the next week, I am going to be displaying different vignettes from around my home and sharing their stories……..

The painting I picked up at my favorite resale shop, Urban Ore, for about $9.   What drew me in was the subject matter — the elderly lady poised so rigidly in her house coat, sun hat and stockings.  It reminded me of my great-grandmother’s circle of friends in the Bronx.  Proper ladies through and through, this bunch followed the strict “code” that ladies  always covered their heads and legs when in public.  When the rest of us were in tank tops, nursing ice cream cones, these ladies sat on their porches on the edge of their seats, hats on their heads and iced tea in hand keeping watch over the collective brood.

So do you have a vignette in your own home that reminds you of your youth?  Share a link or picture of it in the comments section.  Also check back this week when I share my Halloween table based on The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

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