Sometimes I Just Can’t Stand It…..

Not to gloat or anything, but at times I honestly think my dog Scruffy is the cutest thing ever to walk on four legs……

Honestly, the cock of the head, the floppy ears and scruffy coat (ergo his name). I am suffering a diabetic cute coma. It’s cute overload! I look at him and my mind races to dark places.

When I get in this hyper state, I sometimes do things that I should not do. Like buy my dog a full rain suit on sale from Lands End. I never thought of myself as the type of dude who would dress his dog, but in my defense, the Bay Area has rainy winters. A rain coat for my dog would make my life easier or that is how I am justifying it…..

I just can’t stand it! How adorable does Scruffy look in that hat. I literally am having seizures on the floor from the shot. However, I am positive that behind those puppy dog eyes, there is something sinister a brewing.

Why do you ask? I am pretty sure that when Scruffy came home with us from the pound he never envisioned being dressed up like a gay weather man and having his picture plastered all across the internet. For this atrocity alone, I am sure that Scruffy is plotting to kill me in my sleep.

Without a doubt, I am sure he is just waiting for his moment……

So if you don’t see a posting from me on Monday, you know that Scruffy snapped and took me out ala Chuck Norris style because he truly couldn’t stand it.

Now that I have painted my dog as a vicious killer with a knack for wearing aborable hats, have a GREAT weekend! I will be watching my back and doing homework.

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21 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Can’t Stand It…..

  1. OMG! He is so stinkin’ caute!! Who could resist that face, and those eyes? I can see why he was rescued from the pound!! And, if it’s any consolation…I never thought I’d dress up one of my dogs either, but my Cairn makes it quite hard to resist.

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