Philanthropy By Design…..

Inspired by Kate‘s work with Alma House and Erika’s efforts with Room Service Atlanta, I decided to see what philanthropic work I could do in the Bay Area related to my love of interior design.  Thanks to my friend Kelly, I was able to connect with Philanthropy By Design…..

Throughout the year, Philanthropy By Design (PBD) collaborates with local non-profits to create inspiring spaces.  Once a non-profit has been selected, PBD solicits volunteers who manage the redesign process; including interior design, space planning and product procurement. The PBD team meets with agency staff, and in some cases with their clients, to identify design solutions that will best realize and enhance the agency’s mission. On a pro bono basis, the team designs inspiring spaces to meet the unique needs of each non-profit.

I have submitted my paperwork and am awaiting my first assignment.  I am beyond excited to volunteer with PBD and hope that other Bay Area design professionals will follow!  Giving back never felt so good ….or looked so stylish!

Are there any design related organizations that you donate your time, funds or talents to?  If so, list them in the comments section!

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5 thoughts on “Philanthropy By Design…..

  1. Hi Courtney – I volunteered on a PBD project in SF (helping with some interior engineering issues) about 6 years ago. Although I am sure they have matured as an organization since then, let me know if you ever want to chat about my experiences with them…

  2. Why not just go directly to a places and ask if someone could use your services. I live in Mill valley, went to the Redwoods, an unassisted retirement home where tenants how tiny apartments, and offered my services to tenants that may want a small face lift, such as painting a wall etc. They are amlling it over,,,,,,

    • Cat – I thought about going directly to different agencies but opted against it for the following reasons. (1) Liability – as a lawyer you know that you assume a certain amount of risk even when offering free services. There is precedent of people being sued for doing volunteer work and I didn’t want to take the risk. (2) Trade Access – working with PBD allows you as a designer to use the skilled trades persons to complete your room without it costing you. So why not push your design to rewire things or build custom pieces if you have access to those kind of things (esp. since I don’t do that kind of work). And finally (3) I wanted to meet like-minded people while doing some community work. I work alone most of the time, so why not spend time with a bunch of design folks, share some stories, make a new friend all while doing some good? That is why I went through PBD…….

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