Loving Out Loud: BiscuitsEngravy

I stumbled across this sweet Etsy shop thanks to the folks over at CasaSugar.  San Francisco-based artist Matt Larson is the mind behind BiscuitsEngravy which produces laser cut artwork.  My personal favorite and something I hope to own very soon is Matt’s San Francisco font artwork…..

I love the piece’s clean lines and font – it would be awesome on a shelf on floated inside an ornate frame.  At $40 it is easy on the wallet as well as the eyes!

BiscuitsEngravy also does custom pieces, so if there is a word or quote that is dear to your heart, Matt can whip up something that can suit your desire.

In any case, I am off to count my change to see if I have enough to indulge (times are tough!).  After that I am off to AutoCAD class……yes I do lead the glam life of counting change and AutoCAD.  And you thought it was all caviar and champagne…..

ps: for those of you who are truly interested, I posted pics of my garage door(s) on my Facebook page…..don’t all you run now.

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