Garage Doors…..

Last week, the garage door motor tuckered out.  We ended up dropping half a grand on replacing it with a better (and much quieter) model.  However, it got me thinking about how much garage doors impact the look of a home.  Great architecture can be dragged down by a cheap door and a ho-hum exterior can be punched up by the addition of a modern door.

Tomorrow, I will share our garage doors (yeah our garage door situation is quite unique) but until then, here is some food for thought on what you can do with alot or a little funds to have a WOW garage……

Wood: From modern takes on barn doors to clean rectilinear lines, wood imparts a warmth that just can’t be beat for a garage door.  Downside is that they are quite expensive and need proper maintenance to maintain their appearance…

Glass: I love glass garage doors, but just like glass cabinet doors, they aren’t for those of us looking to hide our messes.  Fortunately, they also come in frosted glass!

Painted: Who says that garage doors have to blend into their architecture?  Why not make a statement with color or paint?

So what does your garage door look like?  Neutral? Modern? Bold and colorful? Shabby chic?  Drop me a line in the comment section and let me know….

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6 thoughts on “Garage Doors…..

  1. mine is metal, painted, no windows, absolutely nothing about it is of interest other then it it hides everything in the garage which is a bunch of yucky stuff since the garage is open to the street for all to see. UGH. It is an old house……
    Wonderful blog,

  2. Ack — I despise spending money on home stuff that doesn’t improve the style and look of things!!! The joys of home-ownership and being a grown-up!

    Love those doors you showed though. My parents recently replaced theirs with carriage style and it changed the entire look of the house.

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