Loving Out Loud: Herringbone Patterns

I spent a portion of my morning going through my winter closet to weed out items I will be donating or selling.  One of the favorite items in my winter wardrobe is a pair of herringbone Theory pants I picked up over 10 years ago at a discount store.  After 10 years, I still get compliments on them every time I wear them — they are a staple of my winter closet.

As I lovingly placed the pants on a hanger, I pondered, what exactly is it about the herringbone pattern that makes it timeless yet still decidedly hip?  Personally, I love the juxtaposition of the classic herringbone pattern against modern architecture and furnishings.  Using the pattern in a bathroom instantly adds a sense of luxe and glamour……

Herringbone floors are one of my favorite elements to incorporate into a design.  When used on a floor,the pattern not only visually expands a room but creates visual interest on a plane usually covered by rugs.  With floors this beautiful, why cover them up?

Why limit herringbone to the floor?  Why not apply the pattern to your walls?  While definitely a commitment, it is more durable than wallpaper,  gives dimension that a painted finish can’t mimic and when used outdoors, provides a backdrop that pops anything you place against it…..

But why stop at your floors and walls?  Why not just build a house dedicated to your love of herringbone?

Okay, I have worked myself into a herringbone frenzy and The Partner is wondering aloud why I am prancing around the house in herringbone wool pants and a tank top (it’s still 70+ degrees in the Bay Area).  I think it’s time for me to simmer down…..

In any case, are there any patterns calling you this Fall?

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