Halloween On the Brain….

I don’t know if this is a trick or a treat, but for the last two weeks I have had Halloween on the brain.  I am day dreaming about Halloween tablescapes, carving pumpkins and when exactly the 1 pound bags of Reese Peanut Butter Cups will hit the market so I can stock up.

It’s official – I am being sucked in to the Halloween vortex.  So to exorcise my “demons” I created this quick mood board for my Halloween tablescape …..

If you can’t tell, I am pretty keen on the notion of a black table.  I am obsessed with black crystal, guinea feathers, black and white china and for some odd reason, purple and lime green.

I blame my recent visit to Z Gallerie for enabling my “Halloween brain”.  I had the opportunity to visit their corporate offices and walk their East Bay store.  Needless to say I found inspirational “bling” for the Halloween table…..

I think the skeleton hand would make a great menu or name plate holder.  The spiders are perfect accessories to sprinkle on the table and throughout a buffet line.  However, I am especially drawn to the idea of mixing faux and real flowers for this tablescape, so the black crystal stems that Z Gallerie has in stock are perfect.  I am hoping the stems add sheen, texture and height to the centerpiece.

All that is left is to decide on the accent color (still not 100% on the lime green notion), pick a tablecloth, make the chargers and set the table.  Okay when I write it out, it still sounds like alot of work — but then that’s why I start in September!

So is Halloween on your brain or am I just the odd man out?

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5 thoughts on “Halloween On the Brain….

  1. Love it! I saw a Martha Stewart all-black tablescape a few years ago (complete with all-black food) and I’m dying to try it.

    Haha, I just got my nails done yesterday and they’re painted a really dark, almost black, purple. At work last night I kept saying “I can’t stop staring at my hands! They look like Halloween!” Maybe the nail polish fumes have addled my brain?

  2. Totally gorgeous! What about purple as an accent? A bit of a traditional Halloween color and thus also a bit expected, but it’s also such a big color this season so maybe being current will cancel out the expected-ness?

  3. I am already thinking about my Christmas tablescape! I have 9 people coming to Christmas dinner already, and I can’t wait to plan the table!

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