Russian River Recap (RRR)….

I will be upfront — I really like alliteration.  It makes me happy…..

What else makes me happy?  A carefree weekend at a cottage on the Russian River.  The Partner, myself and three of our friends ventured about 1.5 hours outside of San Francisco to the Russian River valley.  Along with Scruffy, our dog, we did very little but amazingly had a HUGE amount of fun in the process.  Here are my “partners in crime” for the weekend….

The first evening was just a mix of enjoying the views, hot tubbing, a fantastic dinner prepared by The Partner and board games.  Yup, I told you, it was ALOT of nothing….

Saturday afternoon, we ventured out to a few of the local wineries to do some tasting (stocking up) and replenish the food supplies.  Well not before, we sat our little plump buts on the patio and enjoyed the river a little more…..

Slightly tipsy from the wine tasting, we made our way back to the cottage (don’t worry there was a designated driver) and settled in for a rousing game of “let’s read books and take naps..”  As the group waivered between various states of slumber, my friend Christian did his best Momma Celeste impersonation and whipped up a fantastic Italian meal that would have made his Grammy proud….

We feasted, drank wine and laughed.

Add in a stop at In-n-Out on the drive home on Sunday and it was the pretty darn most  perfect weekend I have had since meeting The Partner 12 years ago.  It was exactly what I needed and I am grateful for everyone agreeing to put their schedules on pause and come up.

Now that I am recharged, I am ready to tackle the mountain of work that lies ahead of me this week.  So tell me, what did you do this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Russian River Recap (RRR)….

    • I think I had just sipped the wine and was swirling it in my mouth when Courtney took this shot. It was less of me being a badass and more of me being contemplatively tipsy…

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