Some R&R on the RR…..

The last two weeks have felt like I have been on a treadmill set to full speed.  It’s been a non-stop sprint to keep up between school, work, the blog, family and friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful and feel blessed that I am seeing my hard work come to bear fruit – however, I am tired and  a bit haggard looking.

To be frank, I look like I have been rode hard and hung wet.  I need a hair cut.  I am getting break outs.  I can’t shake this cough.  Honestly, if the bags under my eyes get any bigger, I am going to need to start charging them an excess baggage fee.  As folks would say in high school, “I am tore up, from the floor up…..”

Fortunately, The Partner, myself and a few of our friends planned a trip to the Russian River Valley for this weekend…..

The timing of this trip is perfect.  I could not think of a better environment or a better group of people to unwind & recharge or do so in a more scenic location.  Between board games, wine drinking, preparing dinners and general silliness, I am looking forward to this weekend!

A little R&R on the RR (Russian River) is exactly what this dude needs.

Look for some awesome posts next week including a special one about myself and Centsational Girl’s visit to the Z Gallerie buying offices to view their Fall/Winter collection.  Let’s just say that if Target had done 1/5th of the fantastic stuff that Z Gallerie is going to lay on your guys shortly, then I would have been a happy camper…..

Do you have fun weekend plans?  Okay, I am off!  Be safe and have a GREAT weekend…..

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