Missoni For Target: My Thoughts…..

If you read my post yesterday, you know I was one of 8 men in the entire continental United States who was stupid enough to venture to a Target of my own free will to shop their Missoni for Target collection. The things I saw will haunt me for life and have changed my shopping habits forever (I swear to all that is holy, I will NEVER not wash a “new item” of clothing before wearing it after seeing woman jam sweaters into her lady bits….). Yet, somehow even among all the chaos, I scored a few items for myself and die-hard Target-obsessed friends (you know who you are…). I will focus solely on the items that I bought for myself…..


If you follow me on Twitter, I was pretty vocal of my want of the chevron throw. The online picture had me convinced that it was a quilted throw. However, upon inspection in the store, the blanket was less luxe and more Teletubby. It was fuzzy fleece — shedding fleece at that — as evidenced by the woman in all black wearing it like a scarf as she pushed her overflowing cart down the aisle. I was disappointed and not impressed.

Undeterred, I shifted my attention to the duvet sets. I was one of the lucky few who threw elbows and snagged one of the coveted duvet sets in the iconic zigzag print. The duvet feels…well just okay, which worries me. At $100, it was one of the pricier items of the 400 they produced, so I was hoping for something a little more refined. To be blunt, I think my Ikea duvet set which I paid $40 is the same if not better quality. This idea was solidified in my mind when I saw this on the packaging….

While I have nothing against goods made in foreign countries, I just have never thought of Pakistan as the epi-center of quality as it relates to Italian luxury goods massed produced by an American retailer. But at least it’s nice to see that Pakistan is producing more than nuclear grade uranium these days….


I honestly wish I could comment on this in a positive and glowing way, but the pieces sorta blew chunks. As luck would have it, I saw a woman pick up multiple trays and tumblers and dash to a remote corner of the store. I think she quickly realized that she had place settings for 30 and opted to part with some of her booty. I quickly snapped up a set of six acrylic tumblers and a ceramic tray. Well, the tray was returned today — the pattern is printed and was already chipping off, so back it went. As for the tumblers….

Am I being picky for assuming that they would at least give a half-ass attempt at matching the pattern all the way around?

So to recap, what does my Missoni for Target scorecard look like…

Throw Blanket: FAIL

Duvet Set: PENDING

Tumblers: FAIL

I would have thought that with over FOUR HUNDRED items in this collection, some things would be killer. So far, I have been proven wrong, which makes me wonder that if these items passed the “inspection test” what items didn’t make it to production? Here is my list of items (imaginary) that didn’t make the cut….

1) Missoni for Target Condoms: Who needs ribbed when you have zigzagged for her pleasure?

2) Missoni for Target Water: You are going to need something to wash the taste of shame out of your mouth when you get your credit card bill this month….

3) Missoni for Target Toilet Paper: Well they did produce a lot of sh*tty products, so you are going to need something to clean it up with…..

4) Missoni for Target Trash Bags: Only because I have a sneaky feeling alot of this stuff will end up in a landfill in about 6 months….

5) Missoni for Target IQ Tests: Because clearly I need mine checked for venturing out and purchasing this crap….

Price Gouging:

We all know that the woman in front of us with 6 carts of Missoni items was not stocking up for Christmas. That stuff was headed to eBay where it now resides at a considerable mark-up. I implore you NOT to buy this stuff off eBay, especially the clothing. At the prices I see the coats, sweaters and shoes going for online, you can afford to buy Missoni’s real diffusion line, M Missoni, which is way better materials and craftmanship. You are only fueling more craziness for subsequent designer collaborations. Do yourself a favor, save your hard-earned cash and focus on what great deals you will get come Black Friday.

If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of this collaboration. I think the vision broke down somewhere in production…at least as it relates to the bedding and kitchenware. Between Target’s website crashing, being (wo)man handled in the stores and inventory hogging/squatting by my fellow consumers, I don’t think the company handled the launch very well. It left me with a bad taste and I don’t think I will be back for more….

But tell me, did you score anything from Missoni for Target? And if you did, what do you think of the quality?

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32 thoughts on “Missoni For Target: My Thoughts…..

  1. I am actually headed to Target today to see if anything is even left. Honestly it’s a little TOO 70s for me but I really love their silk scarfs. Maybe the clothing is better quality than the home decor items.

  2. I think this speaks volumes to the issue of diluting design, Missoni is an outstanding company. I adore my Missoni scarf I’ve had for years that still looks brand new…sometimes only the real deal will do.


  3. I’m still undecided. I definitely drank the kool-aid though and bought way too much and over ordered. I’m still hopeful that I’ll like a 3 or 4 of the pieces that I’m waiting on (assuming Target doesn’t cancel my order as I’ve heard they’ve been doing).

  4. I’m totally with you on this one, too…it is insane what people were doing for Target quality stuff just because Missoni slapped their name on it! I got myself a mug and a couple cereal bowls and I’m happy…but I also only paid about 4 dollars for each, so I wasn’t expecting much (c: Boo to ebay and all the price gouging going on!

  5. Great post on the whole issue! For me, I could just not get over the ebay hoarders and how greedy they are. I do not know why anyone would pay anything more than what is it normally sold for you in the stores. Hopefully no one will buy anything from them.

  6. There should be a law or rule about re-selling on ebay. It’s shitty they are allowed to do that. I think when the Wii came out and was hard to find except on Ebay of course for double the price. If im correct I think their listings were removed and were told they could not sell it foe more than the retail price.

    I dont care for Missoni so I didn’t go to Target. But I imagine it was a horrid site.

  7. The first time I have ever heard of Missoni was when Fox News reported the Missoni “rampage” at Target two days ago. Am I ever so glad of my ignorance. I cannot imagine lining up early at a store and fighting a huge crowd for the honor of wearing the same clothes and using the same stuff that look the same as those owned by hundreds of other people. Makes me think of sci fi movies and aliens spewing hundreds of clones of every human.

  8. I got 2 mugs I paid $4.99 for each. I think eBay should have canceled all of the Mission for target auction. But I no that will never happen because ebays getting a cut of every sale.

  9. I went to Target around 6:00pm, and they were sold out of mostly everything. I did manage to score some size 8 zig zag heels, which were my size! I saw a few of them left in stores, and lots and lots of little girl’s clothes and accessories.
    I wore them yesterday and… they feel like Target shoes. I got a blister, and they don’t feel good on your feet. However, I got lots of compliments on how cute they were! So I’m moderately happy.

  10. As you know I wasn’t there at the crack of dawn like the crazy people 😉 I ventured in after my workout at 1pm. The clothing was gone- but I wasn’t there for that anyway. I did get my daughter (and myself) some flats and she also got a cardy. I went into this whole deal with a skeptical eye. I snagged a few home items. The vase I purchased was $19.99 and it was 1 of only 3 that were left. The other two had chipping like you noted about the tray. The one I purchased was the only one that looked good. Here’s to hoping it stays that way. If not I’ll be spray painting it because apart from the pattern I really love the octagon shape. The Dwell line there is great quality, so I’m honestly surprised to hear this about the bedding.

  11. I didn’t love it. I didn’t really like most of it. And when I was tempted by a cute little girl’s outfit, I turned around and got a cuter one for half the price that was just a Target brand. Eh. So goes it, I guess.

  12. Well, you are making me feel better. My store is almost an hour away. I didn’t get there until 3 pm. There were about 50 Missoni items left in the whole store, which includes little girl and baby items. I tried the web site for hours all night and morning and never was able to complete the payment process. Last night there were over 32,000 items on ebay. Many were not selling for their suggested prices. So, maybe we will see a price reduction in a lot of areas. I did get the rubber boots and a man’s cardigan. They are not too bad.

  13. I love the baby stuff I have (thanks C!) but I’m pretty concerned about the cases & clothes I ordered. Hope the cases aren’t like your glasses cuz crappy printing pisses me off. Likely it’ll be going back to the store or swapped (people are swapping items on fb to spite Target & E-bay). Still want the silk scarves-thinking of making Babycakes one very expensive dress out of them. I had higher expectations because I thought the Liberty made some excellent downgrade choices. Chances are I’ll keep a much higher number of pieces from that much smaller collection than from the Missoni monolith.

  14. I would like to first thank you for the best and funniest (albeit sadly true) post I have read all day. I would also like to invite you to my Target in Virginia, where people do not seem to know about Missoni at all. My friend and I stopped by Target yesterday and there were aisles and racks of Missoni everywhere. Maybe people had already returned all their stuff?? I did see ONE adorable beret with matching mittens which I may go back and purchase for my 3 year old, who fancies herself a fashionista. Then again, she did opt to wear a one-piece bathing suit over her shorts and top last week…so maybe she will fit right in with this line? 😉

  15. I decided to stop in to target between an appointment in the morning and work…I got there about an hour after they opened and things were mostly cleaned out. I bought a pink cardigan and a platter. I think the quality is fine, but the cardigan was $49.99 which seemed a little much. The platter doesn’t have any defects like you saw, but we’ll see what happens over time.
    Generally I am happy, but I was not going to fill my apartment with matchy matchy stuff! How goofy would that look?

  16. The one thing I really wanted, the shower curtain, I ordered online because it seemed my store didn’t get any bath stuff (I got there around noon and there was no indication they ever had any). I’m curious to see hours the quantity it’s. If I’m not impressed, it’s going back!

  17. i ventured out yesterday. almost all women’s clothing was gone except for the XS size. But seriously, even at my curvy size M, I am not kidding myself thinking horizontal zig zags would be flattering. I bought my daughter a really cute skirt for $25. I bought a towel for the guest bath and the three pack journal set. There were a few other items I considered…like the women’s black pumps. I tried on a pair that were WAY too wide and way uncomfortable. I opted out of those.

    very disappointed.

    i was much happier with the Calypso line which did not cause quite this much excitement.

  18. I am laughing out loud. I can only imagine the insanity. Even here in KC, there was apparently a mad rush, and a lot of elbows flying in the wee hours of the morn over this stuff. Not much was left when I made it there around noon. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t necessarily worth all the hype. But, the cramming of sweaters into lady bits…priceless. Made my night!

  19. Love it Courtney! Thank you for the honesty. REALLY people…shoving and pushing for hyped up products that probably cost a quarter of what they are charging (given the quality), and are falling apart before you get them home all to say, “I own MIssoni”? and look like everyone else? I just didn’t get it. The ones I feel sorry for are those who knew about MIssoni before TARGET, and paid good money for their quality items.

  20. Great points! I bought some paper items this morning… restocking. It’s paper, so hard to mess the quality up too much. The price is so low, I kinda expect it not to be the highest quality. Surprised in many ways that Missoni agreed to the partnership.


  21. Usually I can snag the designer collections at Target for 75% off. They don’t seem to sell very well. So I was a little surprised when I opened the newspaper and read about all the hullaboo over this collection. I trundled off to my local Target the next morning and managed to purchase the zig zag dress and pumps that I wanted. I also picked up a blouse just because I could. There was a variety of inventory still available. Lots of housewares. I was disappointed in the quality of the merchandise. Cheap fabrics and ill fitting shoes. The dress is cute, but really $54.00 dollars for a Target dress? The Elle collection at Kohls is better quality than the Missoni for Target collection. Ms Missoni should be ashamed to put her name on this product.

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  23. I just moved to the middle of B.F. Texas where nobody knows or cares about Missoni, so I had the entire selection to myself. Most of the stuff I did pass on because of manufacturing defects or scary labels on the luggage telling me to wash my hands after handling because it contains lead and “may cause birth defects.” I still found a few good things (can see here: http://www.theaestate.com/2011/09/i-hope-youre-not-completely-sick-of.html) But yeah, I agree, many fails. Many of the things were damaged in some way or obviously cheaply made. Sad.

  24. Just found your blog, and I think I’m hooked; great stuff, sir!

    I was disappointed, but also [pleasantly] surprised with the Missoni for Target stuff. Some things were terribly made and I passed them over, while others were nice enough to give a second look to.

    I was there for opening, too, where I took off for menswear. I had liked the black and white sweater online, but didn’t find it as cute in person; I wasn’t a fan of the vertical knit stripes running through it. I did grab, however, the brown shawl collar cardigan, which I am in love with! It’s super soft, and although it’s a wool/acrylic blend, it feels much nicer than anticipated. I also nabbed the plum and fuchsia scarf, which was FAR more vivid in person, color-wise. The online images really did a horrendous job of capturing the quality of some of the better-made items, so finding that the scarves were actually decent was a nice surprise.

    As far as the home items go, I’m apathetic. I totally agree with you on the home-wares, especially the throw blanket; I expected it to be quilted or knit, but when I saw the fuzzy, static-inducing Snuggie material I was totally turned off. I did fall in love with the 20×20″ famiglia zig zag toss pillows, though! They’re comfortable, and they have a nice texture that makes them feel more substantial than a lot of the other pieces. Plus, they’re just cute. 🙂

    Overall, the few pieces I fought for made this worthwhile for me, but a majority of the things were utter crap and I wish they’d stepped it up a notch. :/ This did remind me of how much I love the actual Missoni items, though, so I think it’s time to start scouting out my new purchases from the real deal!

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