Needless Obsession: Stag Ferns

Are you familiar with staghorn ferns aka “stag ferns”?  These plants are epiphytes, meaning they prefer to grow above the ground attached to tree trunks or rocky surfaces where they can siphon water run-off from their host. The run-off normally contains enough nutrients to feed the fern.

I stumbled upon them while searching for low-light plants to replace my ever rotating cast of house plants in the master bedroom.   While stag ferns can be grown in a pot, they traditionally are grown mounted to wooden bases and hung in shady areas.  Hanging stag ferns like trophies on a wall has my mind racing over all the design possibilities they hold for creating living art within an indoor room or how they could transform a barren fence outdoors.  Fortunately, some forward thinking designers have had the same vision and created some really interesting vignettes with the plant…..

I am officially needlessly obsessed with these plants.  I love how they bring a sense of life and sculpture to rooms they inhabit.  So what do you think?  Would you put a stag fern in your home?

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7 thoughts on “Needless Obsession: Stag Ferns

  1. Damn you, Courtney! Why didn’t I know of these before? I know I have seen pics but they haven’t registered in my mind as “must-haves” until now. I will have to track some down. How cool! And you get that antler effect without shooting bambi’s dad.

  2. I love how they look like trophies or antlers. except they aren’t dead animals. Go for it! I can’t keep anything alive except HIggins.

    xoxo Courtney The Orchid Slayer

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