Loving Out Loud: Phillip Jefferies

I rarely lust after home goods but when I laid eyes on the line of luxury wall coverings from Phillip Jefferies I was smitten.  This New Jersey based company produces exquisitely crafted natural fiber wallpapers made from silk, hemp, semi-precious metals and grass cloth.   (And folks say the only “classy” thing ever produced out of NJ was The Real Housewives of New Jersey!)  But honestly, these wall coverings are breath-taking…..

The samples above are from their Rivets collection.  I recently received a sample of this line and have not stopped looking at it since.  It truly is beautiful but out of my price range.

If you want to know more about how I am trying to rectify my love of this wallpaper with the reality of decorating my master bedroom on a budget, then check out my post this month for Centsational Girl.

I review all the different options available for wall coverings ranging from traditional to wacky.

Speaking of guest posts, did you know I have grouped all my various guest posts and media mentions under the Featured On tab…..

Take a gander…click around….get relaxed and stay a while.  I promise, I won’t be annoyed if you prop your feet up and hang out!

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3 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Phillip Jefferies

  1. Hey Courtney!

    I wanted to pop over and continue about my suggestions from Centsational Girl. I referenced M. Elle designs, and cautioned a bit about using dark colors, or loads of contrast in such a small space. I’m sticking by it! I totally get what you mean about price concerns – and also about the furniture staying – oh, and that you have no closets (stinks!). That doesn’t mean nothing beside the walls can get an update, though. Maybe a complimenting tone on the furniture to the walls? It might help your bed stand out if the furnishings were more subtle rather than black against your white walls.

    I -totally- disagree with the notion of a “feature” wall, as mentioned in CG’s comments. With all the interesting architecture in the space, I think it would feel more boxed in and more obviously unusually angled.. which I think is less than desirable.

    One thing not mentioned by commenters was the amount of things on the floor in your space – bed, dresser, night stands, plant, laundry basket, area rug a few benches.. dehumidifier? (And that’s not counting what might be behind you when taking that shot.) The two small pieces of artwork are lost behind lamps, and add to the “stuff” that your daily life requires on your bedside tables. Your room is tidy, but it seems busy.

    Maybe wall sconces above each side of the bed? I’ve been digging some industrial designs meant for outdoors for either side of a bed in a guest room.

    WOW, this ended up soooooper long, LOL. I’m excited about where you’ll go with your room, and will be sure to keep an eye on your space to see how it evolves!

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