Back To School (For Me)

I am off to school!  Today is my first day of classes for the new semester.

I am taking two courses this time around — Perspective Drawing II and AutoCAD — classes that will definitely benefit me in the long run but something I can not looking forward to doing to be perfectly honest.  After the struggle I had with Drafting last semester, I am nervous this time around for these two courses.  However, as with anything my attitude is a large part of how I will perceive the challenges that lie ahead.  Fingers crossed that this semester kicks butt!

Well while I am busy toiling away in my AutoCAD class, why don’t you take a gander at the new Projects Gallery I created.  I compiled all my favorite projects on to one page so it’s quick and easy to find them.  Take a look!

Okay I am off to eat breakfast and get centered for my full day ahead!  Have a great one…..

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