Things Are Growing & Thriving…….

Today is the last day of my drafting class and I could not be more happy.  It has been a bumpy ride with a bit of self-doubt, late nights and the occasional temper tantrum.  But I have learned so much in the last 12 weeks about design that I did not know — and deep down, I sorta liked it all.  Mind you if you would have told me I would like this at 10:30pm as I was furiously trying to finish a drafting project, I would have punched you in a the face and called you a dirty fudge licker, but hindsight proves 20/20.

I feel like I have grown tremendously and I liken it to the terrarium I made at the beginning of the summer.  When I started it, I had my doubts that it (or I) would  survive…….

Flash forward three months and look at us now…….

We both survived….actually we are alive and thriving.  It’s a nice feeling…..

I know it’s odd to chart one’s personal development via a terrarium, but hey, I like using weird metaphors — that’s how I roll.  Okay off to run an errand and eat tacos!

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9 thoughts on “Things Are Growing & Thriving…….

  1. Oh drafting class…I know those late nights all too well. I’m dreading them, but drafting classes always end up being my favorite ones! You’re right, you learn so much over the course of the class. So proud of you! And yay for your little plant. Thriving is right!

  2. Congratulations!!! I felt a similar feeling of joyful relief this morning, it was so nice. (And the terrarium is beautiful!) I am so delighted I got to meet you and really hope to stay in touch. xoxo

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