Blog Series: Back to School Prep with Simplified Bee

I am lucky enough to have Cristin of Simplified Bee to wrap up my week-long series on prepping for the return to school.  Cristin is what I call “the real deal”.  It is always so pleasantly surprising to find someone is as charming and sweet as you imagine them to be – it was like that with Cristin.  If poodles could mate with unicorns and have dolphins as kids that wouldn’t even come close to Miss C — yeah Cristin is THAT nice in person.  So on this final day of the work week, take a minute to find out how Cristin stylishly organizes her family for school.

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney at the San Francisco Design Blogger Meet-up. His positive energy is contagious and he has a great sense of humor. I was thrilled when he asked me to write about getting organized for back-to-school!

As millions of children head back-to-school, parents think about how to make the transition easier. The answer is easy: get organized. There is a direct relationship between how organized a child is and how well they do in school. As a parent or guardian, you can help children develop life-long organization skills. Here are a few back-to-school tips for getting organized:


{image via The Zhush

Establish a Routine & Plan Ahead. Streamlining the morning routine is essential to get kids out the door and to school on time. It’s easy to get frazzled in the morning, so prepare lunches, book bags, outfits, even the breakfast table the night before. Create a storage area near your most used door and assign each person a bin and/or hook for their gear. 

Using color coded baskets or personalized tins {like the one above from the MacBeth Collection} will help keep items organized and allow for quick identification when leaving the house.


Create a Homework Station. Few children enjoy doing homework, but making creating an efficient work environment may make the task more fun. First determine where it’s best to set up the homework station – Near the kitchen where an adult can help? In a quiet room alone? Is a computer needed? Once a location is selected, it is important to have an easy accessible storage bin or drawer with needed school supplies. Based on your child’s age and school needs store items such as writing implements, paper, tape/glue, scissors, ruler, erasers, crayons and markers. When purchasing school supplies, consider eco-friendly and non-toxic items. Visit EWG’s back-to-school guide for a list of greener options. Pottery Barn Kids has a great Mini Lazy Susan perfect for a storing supplies at the homework station {above}.

{image via House of Fifty

Centralize School Communications. Besides your child’s school papers, there will be lots of communication parents will need to take action on or reference throughout the school year. Some of these items include classroom rosters, school handbook, supply list, permission slips and school calendar. Creating a centralized place for all this information is key to knowing where these important papers are when you need them. A binder or file folders are great options for keeping all that paper organized into subcategories.

Getting organized for back-to-school takes a little effort, but it will make the transition smoother!

Cristin from Simplified Bee®

Thank you Cristin!  I think the idea of a “homework space” is fantastic – like a home office for your kids!  Tailoring a spot specific to their needs during the school year is a great way to create a routine in your child’s school year.  I remember as a child, my Grandmother would also clear the coffee table and make me do my homework – after a while, it became second nature and it also helped the rest of the family know what I was doing.  All they had to do was swing by the coffee table!

So tell me — are you ready for school? 

I want to thank my guest bloggers again for participating this week and giving some fantastic ideas and tips!  Big props to Cassie, Courtney, Shannon, Erica & Cristin!

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7 thoughts on “Blog Series: Back to School Prep with Simplified Bee

  1. Great tips Cristin! It is so true. Organization is the key to a successful school year. And, it truly does carry into their adult life (I now have an almost 22 year old).
    Courtney-GREAT series!! Especially for moms sending their little ones off to school for the very first time.

  2. Excellent tips Cristin. I enjoyed the tips and suggestions from all of the other contributers too. Awesome series Courtney, and thanks again for having me. Happy Friday! xo

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