Blog Series: Back to School Prep with Shannon Berrey

Shannon Berrey is one of those people who you would love to hate but you just can’t.  Her talent is only matched by her big heart and limitless energy.  She is an amazing interior designer, artist and super supportive Mom to her two kids.  You would think that with all those balls in the air, a few would drop but Shannon has perfected a simple way that keeps her family organized and is stylish to boot…..

Thank-you, Courtney for inviting me to your Back-to School party this week!

This time of year has changed dramatically for our family over the years. Gone are the days of shopping for the perfect backpack, pretty folders, packing lunch boxes, and celebratory BTS parties.

Oh how I miss it! 

With 2 teenagers, the schedules in our house are hard-core. Maris {16-rhymes with Paris!} plays volleyball, basketball and runs track. Also throw in Student Council, FCA, weekly allergy shots…

Jack {13} plays soccer, basketball, baseball, and travel baseball. Travel ball practices happen in another town and weekends are spent in other cities/states for tournaments.  Throw in homework and my design schedule……..

How do I keep it all straight? It’s not the most innovative idea, for sure, but, it is one that I have used to maintain sanity for the past 10 years. 

A huge chalkboard smack in the middle of the house. Our kitchen and living room are open to each other and this life saver hangs so everyone sees it all the time. It allows us to be privy to each others schedules.  

All the artwork and pictures on the wall changes often, but, the chalkboard will stay put until my kids graduate. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you–it’s a chalkboard hung on a chalkboard wall.

I still have my work schedule on my computer, but, because travel is such a large part of our life, it is great to be able to view our upcoming weeks at a glance. 

It is also offers other reminders, as well 🙂

Thank you Shannon!  With all of the different computer programs, agendas and smart devices available to keep tabs on your life, I love how Shannon uses an approach that allows her to share the burden of scheduling with the whole family.  The idea of the chalkboard in the center of the home allows her family to be self-sufficient in figuring out schedule conflicts and frees up Shannon from being the task driver.  Simple, elegant and easy – the three pillars of any organization system.

So tell me, what organization systems do you use with your family to keep them on track?  Speaking of keeping a family on track, check by tomorrow to learn how Erica of Moth Designs manages to keep her sanity with 5 boys while running a thriving design business.

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