Blog Series: Prepping for Back to School

A good friend from college is preparing to send her first child to pre-school and is experiencing the mixed emotions of she excitement and fear.  She is excited to have half the day to herself moving forward but scared because she thinks she is running behind on prep for the big day.  I went over the other day to help her but I think I just exacerbated the situation because I found it funny watching her run around her house like a crazy woman trying to organize outfits, lunch schedules and after-school play dates.  I finally had to ask her, “Is all of this really necessary?  Are all the other Moms as manic?”  And my friend turned to me and said…..

Courtney, among the Moms at the school, I am the LAID BACK one…..I know some of the kid’s Moms have been prepping for back-to-school since June. 

Which got my thinking, can sending your school really be that crazy?  The Partner and I are childless (much to the chagrin of our collective families), so I can’t profess to understanding the time, energy and effort it takes to getting a family prepared to head into school season.  However, I do know a slew of fantastic “Blogging Mommas” who are able to juggle careers, family and the occasional blog post, so I turned to them and asked the question…….

What do you do to prepare for back to school?

Throughout next week, I will be hosting these five fantastic ladies as they give us their take on the question……


The series kicks off on Monday with Cassie of the hilarious blog, Hi Sugarplum!

Until then, have a GREAT weekend and time some to enjoy the last bits of summer.

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