Between the Sheets with Serena & Lily

Dear Serena & Lily:

I know it’s been just a short while since we have been introduced but  I hope it wouldn’t be too bold of me to say that I can’t get either of you out of my head.  When I first laid eyes on you, you seemed aloof and unattainable, but I have always liked a challenge.  However, after spending time with you online, I find you both mush more friendly…funny how the internet can change one’s perspective huh?

I love everything you two offer and want nothing more than to bundle it all up and take it home.  But I alas I know it would be foolish but I am a man who has always believed in asking for what he wants… I am going to throw caution to the wind and just  say it.  I want to get between your sheets Serena and Lily……



I think we could find a true love connection on your Mocha Trellis Sheets.  Or perhaps dance the light fantastic on your Gobi Sheets in Bark.  Yet maybe, we can connect on all points on your Diamond Sheets in Air and Chocolate. 

Ladies, I am offering….it’s up to you to give me a sign that you are willing to take this leap of faith.  I will be waiting with a goose down comforter and a feather bed for your replies.

Til then…..


PS:  Serena and Lily are having a great sale on their summer inventory.  To sweeten the deal, you can get an extra 20% off if you use the code JUSTFORYOU.  However, just don’t mack on the Trellis sheets — I am a jealous lover……

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