Current Obesssion: Framed War Medals

War is not something I would glamorize. The loss of life, the destroying of property and the separation of families is something I think most people do not want to be constantly reminded of in their lives. However, with every war there are feats of bravery and valor that should be commended and remembered, hence where medals and awards come into play.

I am always drawn to things with a story and honestly, nothing has more of a backstory than a war medal in my opinion. They mark instances where men and women have risen to the occasion often above and beyond the call of duty.

I find them eerily beautiful and have recently been obsessed with collecting a few on eBay to frame for my home. I am not sure to feel sad that someone felt obliged to sell these mementos or feel honored that I can give them a home in which they will be respected and revered.

I know it’s an odd way to kick off a week, but these have been on my mind ever since seeing one for sale at our local swap meet. So tell me, what things had you obsessed this weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Current Obesssion: Framed War Medals

  1. We just inherited a large-ish box of medals from my husband’s grandfather who was in the Pacific during WWII. They really are beautiful. I’m looking forward to framing/shadowboxing them (or something else??) and displaying them prominently. Beyond the obvious emotional significance, they are gorgeous full of color and history. If you come up with something outside the box for display, please do share!

    Love the blog Courtney!
    Good luck collecting and have a great day,
    Erin @ Out on a Limb…

    • Erin – you are so right. They are beautiful and simply stunning. But also they provide that layer of personal connection – well at least for me they remind me of my maternal grandfather. I am jealous that I could not get his medals but at least you have your husband’s Grampy.

  2. Since I don’t have a home to obsess over, I’ve been obsessing over clothes. Did some damage at and it feels so, so good. Can’t wait to see you when I come home!

    • Grandpa chic? Well I do wear alot of cardigans and say things like “gadzooks” and “heavens to Betsy…” But I am happy to say I won 4 medals on eBay and am brainstorming how to lay them out in a shadow box. I am thinking simplier is better.

  3. If the metals are sold or lost in a move at least you can give them a place of honor in your home. They are quite beautiful!

    I guess I was a little obsessed over straightening up around the apartment since we had a few friends over briefly. I was a little obsessed with getting a new blog post off the ground too! Just started a blog so it’s all new and shiny!

    • I just stopped by your blog! I am liking your motivation to get organized. It’s something I need to do with my own home — too bad I have ZERO incentive with us having a garage (aka the black hole)

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