1 Minute Orb Lamp….DIY Tutorial (sorta)

Yes you read the title of this post correctly.  It took me exactly 1 minute to create this cool globe lamp:


No Joke.

I Swear To the Baby Jesus.

This honestly is the simplest DIY project EVER and you have to thank Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff for the inspiration.  It will actually take me longer to explain how I did the light then it will be for you to do it.

Thus far, the light has proven to be invaluable in my frequent late night trips to the bathroom.  Since adopting Scruffy, those trips have turned into numerous opportunities for me to step on the poor pup.  But alas, thanks to this miracle of miracles, Scruffy will suffer squashed paws no longer.

To complete this project, you will need a glass light fixture, which I picked up at my local junk shop for $3:

You will also need a string of twinkle lights (Christmas lights)…

I used a string of LED white lights I had from my Christmas decorations which ran me $1.99 a string.  I strongly recommend that you do not use a string of regular (non-LED) lights.  I found that the lamp became quite warm by the end of the night when I used the non-LED lights, which could pose a fire hazard down the road.  Better safe then sorry right?

Now to assemble this masterpiece, take your lights and jam them into the glass orb leaving about 6 inches to a foot exposed so you can plug it in. 

And there you have it……

I actually ended up using a very long string of lights because I loved how it looked with the individual lights pushed against the glass.  It reminded me of fireflies in a glass jar.  You can use less lights and have more of an overall soft glow, but I tend to like to go big or go home.

So for $5 and 1 minute of your time, you can create a light sculpture, lamp, glowing glass orb, nightlight….call it what you want but I am going to stick with cool.


7 thoughts on “1 Minute Orb Lamp….DIY Tutorial (sorta)

  1. Oooh, I call that very cool! I betcha like leaving it on at night and basking in the glow…. btw I think I told you my hub likes your smile, and yesterday he said “With that smile, Courtney could sell ice to eskimos”. Just thought you should know. 🙂


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