I am helping a friend upholster her new couch.  When I asked her what color she had in  mind for fabric, she matter-of-factly responded “Pink.”  Okay then – pink it is and I spent the next few days with visions of a girly pink couch dancing in my head.

Fast forward a few days later and my friend told me she had color samples to help me narrow me down the fabric selection.  Let’s just say choosing a color of pink is like choosing a white – a million options and all are never exactly what you envisioned in your head.  So when my friend pulled out her “color samples” I was perplexed.

She pulled out a file folder in the perfect shade of mauve.  Mauve.  Yes that color that no one knows exactly how to explain but we all know it when we see it.  A  bit of a grey, a touch of purple and perhaps a smidge of tan….. and apparently a sprinkling of pink!  To be honest, I was a little taken aback that she wanted a mauve couch but the more I thought about it, I began to think that maybe she was on to something.

Because the color is so hard to pin down, mauve is almost a neutral in many ways.  It goes well with a variety of colors, can read as feminine or masculine and plays well in a variety of light levels.  By golly, I think mauve may be the missing “designer link” when it comes to rooms!   Inspired, I did a quick search for mauve and came across these awesome designs…..

After my epiphany, I was pumped to scour my discount fabric resources for some options and I found TEN fabrics that fit th e bill for under $20 including a mauve mohair and a silk velvet..  I am excited to see which fabric my friend chooses…..

So do you have a love affair with something that others find odd?  What’s your “mauve love” affair?

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Images: in order: (1) thelennox; (2) porter design company; (3) omah trends; (4) irina graewe; (5) elle decor; (6) 4.bp.blogspot


7 thoughts on “Mauve……Really?

  1. Oh, sir! You are speaking my language! I agree, I had a mauve moment a month or two ago. It’s a color that has a bad connotation…but, I think you are right, it might be the design missing link. Crazy!

  2. Did you ever try trolling eBay for designer fabrics? I just received three different fabrics from eBay yesterday. One was 10 yards of a heavyweight that can be used for a rug (retailing at $120/yard), one was five yards of a embroidered and quilted fabric (retailing around $90/yard) and a few yards of soft rustic brown creation (retailing at $100/yard) for a grand total with shipping — ready — wait for it — FIFTY BUCKS. I bought it all from the same seller so she deeply discounted the shipping. I am almost too scared to reveal my eBay discovery!!!! When only a few yards are left of these high end fabrics, I see that many end up on eBay. Fabric is also so personal that there are times that I am the only bidder. Or maybe everyone else thinks it is ugly. For the most part, I only buy what I love and I love what I buy. I almost never have buyer’s remorse. Check it out! The only caveat is that there are no returns.

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