Is There Still Mojo in Juju…….

Have you ever tried to stop loving something?  Perhaps it was your favorite pair of jeans with the holes in the butt.  Maybe it was Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack ice cream (so freakin’ good!).  Or that cheating ex of yours?  Regardless of what it was, letting go of something (or someone) is a hard ordeal.   I find myself at a cross roads with my love affair of the juju hat – the ceremonial feather head dress from Cameroon.

I wonder if the hats as decorative sculpture are overplayed and passe.  However, part of me can’t help but think how perfect one would be for the living room.  Big, round, textural and oh so colorful — a juju hat would be an energic jolt of fun in the room.  Further, the hats are large statement pieces and I love big impactful things — give me big and bold and I will show you a happy Courtney.

So what is a boy to do?  Do I risk spending $200-$300 on what could be a fad piece (these suckers aren’t cheap).  Or do I finally let go of this beloved notion and lay it to rest  next to my Hypercolor tees, clam shell headboard and Nagel posters?  As you ponder this, take a gander at the juju hat working its mojo on some interiors….

Table Tonic

Porterhouse Designs


Desire to Decorate

Table Tonic




So do you think the juju hat is a passing fad or a cultural artifact that will stand the test of “design time”?


13 thoughts on “Is There Still Mojo in Juju…….

  1. I think there are enough elements to the juju hat to keep it relevant, but if you truly love something like that enough it really doesn’t matter if the world calls it a fad. Sadly the first thought after the, “ooo…..I likey”, is it could be a dust trap. Although I guess you could use the pantyhose over the vacuum nozzle trick to deal with it.

    I love the impact, texture and color they add to a space!

  2. Oooh I LIKE! Obviously not too much of a fad if I didn’t even know what it was… (sad). But seriously- the color, the texture, the size, the style- you dont find that in a whole lot of decor! Love!

    • I think it may be a gift for Xmas or birthday. I still need to work on recovering 2 more chairs, hanging the dining room chandy and installing a beam. Whoever said being a house husband was easy was lying thru their teeth!!!!!!

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  3. If you love it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fad or not. Cleaning it would be the only issue to worry about – I can see you in a mask outside shaking it out and making a dust cloud a la Pigpen.

  4. I’ve been obsessed with Juju hats…so much so that I’m going to Cameroon to pick one out myself. The process is interesting since their made especially for chiefs, no woman can actually purchase one from the special artists that make it. I have to be escorted by a male Cameroonian. This trip of course is not just centered around the juju hat but still, I think you understand my love for the juju hat. They are actually significantly cheaper in Cameroon but they are not meant for common people like me. Anyhow, I digress.

    • Tshepo – how exciting!! I would like to get in touch for your advice as I’m planning on travelling myself to Cameroon to get some juju hats… didn’t know it could only be bought by a male! My email address h0rtensia at hotmail dot com , thanks a lot

  5. I just found your blog through Centsational Girl and am getting caught up on all your old posts:)! You’re stylish AND funny! I’ve never heard of juju hats prior to reading this post, but I think you should buy up a bunch of feathers and make one yourself. Then, you should post a tutorial so I can make one:)!!

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