Flower Power…..

When I moved into my first apartment, one of the first things I did was buy a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store.  I didn’t have a vase to put them in nor a table to place them on, but that simple gesture made my small studio apartment feel like home.

Flash forward some 10 (cough ….12….) years later and my love affair with fresh flowers has only grown stronger.  I am incredibly lucky to have a fantastic grocery store with an amazing floral department in my neighborhood as well as live less than 10 minutes from the Oakland Flower Mart.  After living three years in our home, I still get a kick out of going to get fresh flowers.

As a rule, I try to limit myself to $20 every other week for flowers, usually focusing on purchasing flowers for the dining table or master bedroom.  However, this last visit I felt CRAZY….so I splurged and bought flowers for almost every room in the house.  Surprisingly, even with this splurge, I only spent $27.  Here are some of the “arrangement highlights”……

You all may recall this vase from the Cocktail Table Vignette I did a few weeks back using white spray roses.  This time around, I opted to go a bit more sculptural and simple with a bunch of mini calla lilies in deep purple.  I loved how they looked against the blue of the chairs and the silver of the vase.

I fell for the intense almost inky purple of these flowers.  Unfortunately, I am clueless on what they are called…if anyone knows, please leave a comment!   I was smitten with the contrast of the deep purple against the grey wall.  Additionally, I have been dying to use this vase I picked up several years ago on a trip to Hong Kong.

Using the clippings from the other arrangement, I made a mini arrangement for my bedside table.  I used the same small trophy I used here for my two different beside table vignettes.  I couldn’t let those beautiful flowers go to waste and this seemed like the perfect use for the clippings.

Lest you think I was on a purple kick (which I sorta was), I picked up a bouquet of orange short tulips for the unbelievable price of $1.99.  A quick survey of my vase collection yielded this quirky vignette in the guest bathroom.  The tulips are paired with a metal status I found in a junk shop in San Francisco and a sea shell I found years ago.  I love the odd combination of items and their reflection in the mirror.

Finally I created a quick and pretty arrangement for the master bathroom using purple iris and freesia in a bathroom tumbler.  I like using bathroom cups and tumblers for vases because they are (1) cheap & (2) come in a variety of shapes and colors.  When the iris bloom, they present this gorgeous purple and yellow flowers.  The white freesia blooms and lime green buds are a nice foil plus they bloom for considerably longer than the iris, so I can extend the arrangement’s life.  

So what are your favorite blooms to decorate with?  Shoot me a comment and tell me!

4 thoughts on “Flower Power…..

  1. I die for fresh flowers too!! Especially in the summer, our farmers market is fantastic. My fave is allium, it is such a dramatic flower and lives a loooooong time (my current one is 3 weeks old) I also love gladiolas. Enjoy your pretty arrangements! I like the bathroom one : )

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