Loving Out Loud: Overlays by Danika & Cheryle

Sometimes great ideas are born from necessity. 

This happens to be the case.  When designers Danika & Cheryle couldn’t find moderately priced trim work for several of their clients, they decided to make it themselves.  The result is Overlays by Danika & Cheryle….

The overlays are made of a lightweight, flexible and paintable composition making them perfect for a variety of projects including all those Ikea hacks.  For added bonus, these ladies sized many of the overlays to fit existing Ikea pieces – so no need for intricate cuts. 

But I know what you all are thinking — “Great!  They look cool in their photos above but do they work in real life?”  Well leave it to DIY Guru and all around Bad Ass, Bri, of Me, You & a Wiener to test the overlays out.  Here is what she did with the overlays to an old dresser she had:

Last, they are priced awesome at less than $20 per overlay.  So let’s recap – they are well-priced, easy to use, paintable and pre-sized to fit most Ikea furniture.

I think these ladies have hit a home run!  You can order them from their website.  I am ordering mine this week to test on my side tables.  If I was a betting man, I would venture to say these will go fast — so don’t say you have not been warned.

ps: Thanks to fellow bloggers Bri and Shannon for turning me on this awesome product!

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4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Overlays by Danika & Cheryle

  1. Great post! I can’t tell if the top round table is done with the overlays or if that was inspiration for the DIY pieces. I’m wondering if they are strong enough to stand on the edges as shown, or if they really need to be flat on a surface. Thanks!

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