Gold Mirror Vignette

Have you ever acquired something thinking that it would be perfect for a specific purpose only to find that you were off base?  Well that sorta happened to me, but this story has a happy ending.

I found a fantastic gilded gold mirror on the street while walking my dog Scruffy.  Actually Scruffy found it and for that he earned an extra Milk Bone.  Truth be told, I have a thing for mirrors – partially because I am vain but more so for their light creating qualities.  A room with a mirror instantly feels lighter, brighter and bigger in my opinion.  So when Scruffy found the mirror sitting on the curb with a “free” sign taped to its front, I all to happily picked it up to carry home thinking it would be a perfect addition to the master bedroom.


It just didn’t work with my room.  I was bummed and the mirror was relegated to the garage aka “purgatory”.  Fortunately, I met with my dear friend Gina this weekend to do our monthly bonding over thrift stores and baked goods.  Luck would have it that she needed lamps and I was showing her my collection in the garage when I saw the mirror.  I asked if she needed a mirror and then barraged her with several follow-up questions when she said yes.  Reason being that I hate giving stuff away to friends to only have them take it and never use it.  I would rather give an item to charity than have it sit in a friend’s version of purgatory.  After she promised with her first-born, did I let her take the mirror.

Well I am glad I did, because she sent me a picture yesterday of how she used it in her home.  And let me tell you, it looks WAY better in her house than it did in mine…..

I love everything about the vignette Gina created in her entrance way from the console table to the mirror to the adorable set of tiny antlers.  The pale blue walls are the perfect backdrop for the vignette and really highlights the pieces.  The  gold mirror is the perfect “pop” of unexpected and pulls the whole vignette together in my opinion.

Aside from the mirror, I am loving the Asian-inspired console table.  While console tables like this are not anything new, I think the milky-white color and distressed nature of the table make it fresh and interesting.  More so, its combination with the mirror is a nice mixing of styles.

I also love how Gina has propped and styled her vignette using a variety of keepsakes as well as every day items like her rain boots and husband’s briefcase.  It’s these personal touches that keep it from looking like a store showcase….

For those of you wondering, Gina was also kind enough to give me a complete breakdown of all items she used in the vignette:

Asian console: Nantucket Home in Chico, CA
Hurricane: Crate and Barrel –  unity candle from our wedding
Foo Dogs: Past Perfect
Mother of Pearl Box: The Breakers at West Palm Beach
Mirror: Courtesy of Scruffy Lake
Frames and mats: Cheap Pete’s
Antlers: BellJar San Francisco, CA
Eiffel Tower pic: taken when we were in Paris in 2008
Rembrandt shell etching:  print from Legion of Honor – original currently on view in Dutch & Flemish Masterworks exhibition
Flowers: From my friend Courtney (that’s me!!)
Brass bucket used as umbrella stand: From my parents – no idea where they got it
Hunter boots: Zappos
It’s really satisfying to see something that was once considered trash be used in such a great way!  And it also means I don’t need to take Gina’s first-born — so it’s a win-win for everyone because let’s be honest, what the hell was I gonna do with a baby?  I can barely keep Scruffy alive……
Do you have any treasures that were formerly trash?  Shoot me a pic of them at
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