Pairing Beer & Sausages…..

The weather this weekend in the Bay Area was glorious!  Warm, sunny with a hint of breeze – the type of weather that all but forces you to barbecue.  If I had not been elbow deep in mulch, potting soil and plant debris I would have certainly fired up the grill!  However, my burning urge to finish the planter boxes along the retaining burned hotter than my urge to grill some meat.  Speaking of the planter boxes, they are DONE!  I am excited to show them to you all this week.

As I took a break from the sun, I flipped through the Pottery Barn catalog and ran across this great little snippet on how to pair beer and sausage.  Thought I would share since it seem appropriate with some many of us planning to fire up next weekend….

Chicken and White Veal Sausages

Just like when you serve white wine with a chicken dinner, light sausages go with a light beer.  Sausages like bockwurst and bratwurst should be paired with pale beers like a pilsner or wheat hefeweizen larger.

Suggestions: Pilsner Urquell, Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Pyramid Ales Hefeweizen and Odell Brewing’s Easy Street Wheat

Spicy Sausages

Think of the beers you drink when you eat a plate of spicy Indian food or wash down your favorite spicy chicken wings.  Those are the same types of beers that go well with spicy sausages like Louisiana hot links.  Again, turn to your beer friend, the pale ale for an easy pairing.

Suggestions: Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale , Sam Adams Pale Ale and Stoudt Pale Ale

Lamb, Garlic & Herb Sausages

The market is flooded with a variety of sausages with interesting meat combinations and stuffed with fresh herbs.  For these richer sausages, go for an medium-bodied amber ale (i.e. “Steams) or for the more adventurous the more bitter and deep flavors of a porter.  A simple rule of thumb to follow is – the darker the sausage is when cooked, the darker you can go with the beer.

Suggestions: Anchor Steam, Fly Dog Old Scratch, Steamworks Steam Engine Larger & Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Smoked & Black Sausages

These sausages pack a ton of flavor, so they need a strong companion beer.  In these cases, think dark – stouts and barleywines.  These beers are almost meals to themselves, so plan your menu accordingly!  The rich, sweet, oaky and complex flavors of these beers are excellent with the these types of sausages.

Suggestions: Guinness, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale, Bell Brewery’s Third Coast Old  Ale & Rouge Shakespeare Stout

However, even with all the beers I just suggested to you, I still am a sucker for a nice cold Blue Moon with a slice of orange floating on top……


(I so want one this afternoon after  I finish my homework!)

But regardless of what you pick, just be sure it’s cold and plentiful!  I hope you get the chance to crack open a cold one with friends and family this weekend, sit back, relax and enjoy the long weekend.

With that said, let the countdown to the long weekend begin!!!


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