Next Design Project & It’s a Doozy…..

Sometimes as a new designer you stumble upon design opportunities.  Yesterday I had such fortune.  Good friends from college recently decided to move from San Francisco to Berkeley in order to purchase a home for their growing family (2 adorable girls under 3 years of age and 1 more on the way!).

The wife and I had talked on and off about me assisting her with decorating the house once they moved in.  It was a light and breezy type of talk, sorta like when your best friend says she loves your pound cake and you tell her you will teach her how to make it.  Or when your friend says she wants to secretly kill her husband and asks for your help to hide the body — you know — no biggie.

Well peeps, I finally got over to the house yesterday as they were finishing up general repairs before they move on Monday and let me say O-M-G.  The house in its raw state is stunning…….

Front Exterior

It was built in the 1930s by a wealthy local who wanted to create a replica of the childhood home of his wife.  The grounds are amazing old growth trees, stone paths and ponds……simply stunning.

Koi Pond


And some highlights from inside the house…..

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Sitting Room/Office

Fireplace in Office/Sitting Room


Dining Room

Formal Living Room

Living Room Fireplace (It's 6 FEET tall)

As I said the above pictures are just a TASTE of the house.  I didn’t get the chance to photograph the two other bedrooms, kitchen, playroom, craft room, butler’s pantry, balcony, patio, servant’s staircase (yeah I said servant staircase) and basement.

When I say this house is GRAND, it is beyond the scale of homes I tend to work on, hence why I consider it an honor  that our breezy talk of me helping is turning into a full-fledged consulting gig for the overall design of the house.  It is clearly a long-term project over the course of several years, but that is what makes it fun and challenging.

My mind is spinning with ideas!  I anticipate we will start a dialogue come this Fall and map out a strategy before diving into the actual work.  As you can tell, I am giddy over this project!

Let the fun begin!

PS:  Scruffy finally got neutered yesterday and all went well.  He is limping and groaning like a 90 yr old man but then I sorta expected that.  I am just thankful my little furry nugget is safe and back at home.

8 thoughts on “Next Design Project & It’s a Doozy…..

  1. First off – CONGRATS COURTNEY!! If this is your first design gig- you totally scored a wonderful opportunity indeed!! WOW! What a gorgeous home that I’m sure you will have styled in a heartbeat! LOVE all the natural light flooding the spaces and also love those built in shelves of the Master Bedroom Sttingroom / Office area!!

    Looking forward to seeing the transformations! xo
    😀 Lynda aka nyclq

  2. Hi! I found you through Centsational Girl. I did a guest post for her too this week.

    I have been waiting all day to come back to this post to look at this house again. Wow. I love every single thing about it! I love it, I love it, I love it. Have fun with the project!

    Since this is my first time here you’re going to have to forgive me for not knowing who Scruffy is. I’ll assume Scruffy is a mouse. Very forward thinking of you to have a mouse neutered. ~ karen

    • Karen – you may not rememebr but you have been to my blog before – way back in the day but welcome back! As for Scruffy – he is my newly adopted dog but if it makes you feel better, I did at one time operate on mice in high school in attempts to understand depression and birth control. Funny how it all comes back full circle 🙂 In any case, I love your blog and comment often….I think you are pretty darn awesome.

  3. That house is gorgeous!! Wishing you the best of luck and all the fab ideas you can muster to decorate your friend’s house.

    p.s. our new house has a servant staircase and a little room from which the “servants” would come to the kitchen.. weird. I’m thinking of knocking it all down and enlarging the kitchen. =)

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