Planter Box Update

After much debate on my part, I decided to plant Aptenia Cordifolia in my planter box:

The plant is actually a ground cover, but produces vines with beautiful lime green leaves and bright pink flowers …. the perfect accent of color in my otherwise flowerless patio….

Thanks to dumb luck, I chose to plant my planter box on one of the hottest days Oakland has had all year.  So I had to haul 40 pounds of gravel, one huge bag of soil and a wobbly tray of flowers up a step stool to the planter box……

I thought nothing of it initially but then realized that it was going to be a much longer process than I anticipated around 30 minutes into the ordeal.  What I thought would be an hour turned into a 2+ hour fiasco that found me sweaty, hot, dirt smudged and with a swollen ankle thanks to a mishap with the step stool.

However, after the cursing, splinter removal and an ice pack, I am quite happy with how the planter box shaped up….

Now I just have to do the hardest thing of all….sit and wait for Mother Nature to work her magic.  While I wait for the plants to grow in, I am going to busy myself with the remainder of the retaining wall.  I initially thought I would stain the wood, but was informed that the wood will age to the same greyish-red color as the rest of the wood fencing in time.  So freed from that task, I plan on focusing on what to do at the bottom of the wall now that we have removed the trellis and the accompanying (albeit SAD) potato vines seen in the picture below:

I have bought three of these planters from CB2:

I am envisioning planting a row of mondo grass along with potentially some Creepy Jenny that will trail over the sides of the planters and soften the edges…..

Mondo Grass

Creeping Jenny

I am not 100% set on the Creeping Jenny, however I am fairly certain about the mondo grass.  I am getting excited with how everything is coming together!

Up next — tackling the shady areas of the patio with some pottery, shade loving ferns and a DIY project!

Have you planted something lately?  Share your gardening prowess and leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Planter Box Update

  1. The new planter looks great! I’m sure it will be totally worth the swollen ankle once your flowers grow in. We just did some backyard planting, too. Hopefully they’ll all take– the only thing I ever have luck with is roses because they do so well with neglect 😉

  2. Courtney, I just found your blog through Centsational Girl. Love your Terrarium guest post. I might have to try one. I actually wanted to comment on Creeping Jenny….we have some in our garden. We live in NY, so I don’t know if that changes anything, but we didn’t even plant ours. The Creeping Jenny was in a planter that was just sitting in one of our garden beds and it completely cascaded over the planter into the dirt in the garden bed. Well everything else in the planter died off last year during the winter and so did the Creeping Jenny, but surprise, it came back this year in the garden bed all by itself. I love it, but it could get out of hand if you let it. They don’t call it “Creeping” Jenny for no reason. 😉 Good Luck with your planter box. I’m sure the Creeping Jenny casacading over the edge will look awesome.

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