Project Updates + Bookshelf Inspiration…..

A few of you have asked about some loose threads that have been hanging on the blog, so I will attempt to do a quick “answer round-up”……

1) Scruffy:  He is still “all man” at the moment.  The vet at the SPCA heard a slight heart murmur, so the surgery was postponed.  We are going to our private vet this afternoon for a thorough check-up which may include an EKG.  Fingers crossed that everything turns out well.

2) Patio:  The stonework on the patio is done as of last week.  Unfortunately, due to rains, I wasn’t able to get a clear shot and it still looks like a slightly muddy mess.  I am hoping that a few days of dry weather will help dramatically.  Once everything dries out a bit on the patio, I promise to get some after shots.  At the moment I am still looking for an additional seating area, fire bowl, plants & planters and lighting.  There still is a ways to go, but I will be sharing with you each step as I go.

3) Project Pictures:  Many of you have emailed me about seeing pictures from the nursery I completed a few months ago.  That project along with the executive rental, yoga studio and master bedroom all need to be shot still by a professional photographer.  I am waiting on nailing down a few shoot dates with the homeowners and the photographer to get these styled and shot.  Fingers crossed that it will all be done by end of Summer.

4) Design Services:  I am taking clients on in a limited basis for living room, dining room and bedroom remodel.  If you live out-of-state, I am happy to discuss about e-consulting or rates for face-to-face design services.

Thank you for all your emails and please keep them coming!  I love hearing from you and answer each email I receive.

Okay, a 180 degree turn but I was looking through the posts of UK blogger Bright. Bazaar and was deeply inspired by this DIY bookshelf he found by design team Livet Hemma which appears to be the in-house styling group for Ikea (sorry the site is in Swedish and even with translation, it’s a bit like putting together a piece of Ikea furniture – confusing and frustrating).

Ikea via Bright.Bazaar

I love how the design team used the various sizes of the Ikea Prant boxes along with simply butterfly clips to create this modular unit.  An application of paint to some of the boxes, turns ordinary items into something special.  While I was inspired, my pragmatic side kicked in and I did a quick tally of materials.  If my estimates are correct, it would take about $250 to recreate the set-up shown assuming you have the paint and clips already.

I am on the fence about this project; at over $200 it isn’t “cheap” and much sturdier pieces of furniture can be purchased and refurbished for less that do the same job.  However, there is something cool about this project that speaks to me.

Would you attempt this on your own home?

5 thoughts on “Project Updates + Bookshelf Inspiration…..

  1. Hmmm – while it looks nice I am against ANYTHING with open shelving on or near the floor. My dog is shedding baby fur puppies…it is unreal and they are taking over the home!! I have 2 open shelves in my kitchen that are trapping all fur babies. White kitchen with Open Shelves + Black Dog = Bad. Super bad…

    Minus the fur and dust aspects I think it looks cool but I also think for $250 you can do better! 😉

  2. What’s cool is the abstract design and placement of the cubes,plus the randomly painted backs, the clips are not. I might pay $200 for a similar design off the floor, with some midcentury legs. Yeah.

    Hope Scruffy feels better and can’t wait to see your patio!

  3. Can’t wait to see the patio! I’m with you – I’d rather buy something more substantial at that price. I’m not loving the black clips but I do love the arrangement. I never would have guessed Ikea.

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