Dear Scruffy…..You’re Getting the John Bobbitt Special

Today I sit as the anxious “parent” of a pet who is under the knife.  My dear pooch, Scruffy, is undergoing neutering with the San Francisco SPCA as part of our adoption agreement.  As a good pet owner, I know neutering your pet is the right thing to do – it reduces the number of unwanted animals in magnitudes thus alleviating stress on animal care and rescue centers.  Neutering also reduces the number of animals that are put down every year.  Finally, neutering and spaying your pets reduces the spread of communicable diseases and the pests associated with them.  Overall, it is a good thing.


As a dude, I feel for my little man. I mean what guy wouldn’t?  He is getting his little doggy bits lopped off.  The family jewels are being cashed in and for a guy that is a bitter pill to swallow.

In tribute to my little man’s surgery, I wrote a short albeit BAD poem:

Where once you had a pair,

You will be bare.

In the spot you regularly lick,

There will be nothing left but a nick.

I know life isn’t fair,

But at least you will still have good hair.

When all is said and done,

I chose to give you a life with no dirty fun.

Not because I am mean,

But rather because I am keen,

On seeing you have a good life,

Full of fun and vigor, not strive.

I did what must be done,

Because I think you are THE ONE.

Hang in there Scruffy and I love you.


8 thoughts on “Dear Scruffy…..You’re Getting the John Bobbitt Special

  1. bahahhaha poor Scruffy and Mr. Timmy!! But it must be done it must! It’s only better for them in the long run.

    You could always bronze them and put them near his bed. Just a suggestion.

    P.s. You is a poet and sh*t.

  2. your poor baby and i bet he thought your were BEST FRIEND!!! Take heart . . . my two little boys still love me after they got the ‘snip” ouch

    • Well after some complications and delays he finally went in today to get “snipped”. He is just sitting sadly looking over the loft into the kitchen. It’s like he lost his best friend…..

  3. oh, your poor baby. Hope he is running, jumping and playing up a storm again (ouch, that jump on the lounge hurt a bit Dads!). After one of my little boys got the “snip” I had to purchase him a teddy bear that he ‘loves’ a lot – oh no ……..

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