Daydreaming: Fire Bowls

Work has officially begun on the patio!

I have several men working furiously in the attempt of trying to complete the project in a time frame of two days.  Sorta crazy right?  The landscaper stated that the project could be finished in two days — I am merely going along with his time frame.  I don’t want y’all to think I am a male version of Naomi Campbell regarding domestic help.  For the record, I have never thrown my cell phone at anyone in my life……a snowball with a rock in the middle perhaps…but never a cell phone.  I have my limits.

But I am rambling… I mentioned yesterday, part of the patio “refreshing” is adding a fire bowl to fight off the Northern California chilly evenings.  In my dream world, I would be able to purchase this beauty from Restoration Hardware….

Restoration Hardware Fire Bowl

Restoration Hardware

In reality, I would be lucky to get a stockpot with firewood for our existing budget.  However, I do think I have been able to find a fire bowl that fits my style quotient and space requirements from for under $250:

Hampton fire bowl

Fingers crossed that there is enough left over in the budget to snag it along with some butterfly chairs to create a secondary seating area.

As I wait to see how the budget washes out, I can still daydream about fire bowls as if money was no issue….

Fire Bowl

Jeffrey Gordon Smith

Marvel Building fire bowl

Marvel Building Inc.

Debora Carl Landscape Design

Falling Waters Landscape

Decor Pad

Byme Designs

fire bowl

Debora Carl Landscape Design



6 thoughts on “Daydreaming: Fire Bowls

  1. And with this post, I have just invited myself over to your house for drinks and eats by your firebowl. See you soon!

  2. The one from Marvel Building looks like a melting Jetsons-style chair. Or maybe a slightly melted Werther’s caramel candy. Ha! Either way, I love it (and all of these)! We’ve been considering building a firepit in the yard but now I’m thinking that a fire bowl on the patio might be even better…

  3. At least you have a place to put a fire bowl or pit. LOL Especially love the one from ConcreteWorks. Good luck on this project. Just keep the end project in sight.

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